Friday, March 31, 2017

Easter Candy Station & What I Wore

If you follow along with my blog, you know I am proud to call my home state GA, I have lived in the peach state all my life. My home is not too far from the city of Atlanta, without traffic its about 40 minutes south. You probably know where I am going with this...the epic 85 bridge collapse that happened Thursday evening! My goodness, it is all over the news and what everyone is talking about today. This bridge is a main artery in the heart of Atlanta and is causing HUGE delays. My sympathy is towards all those Atlanta commuters who are having to deal with this nightmare. And it looks like it will take a while to get fixed. I hope telecommuting is an option for many and patience on the road is practiced by all and by companies! I hope they will be compassionate and understanding if their employees are late to the office. But Atlanta is strong and will figure out the 85 nose dive, in the meantime...
 Some jumping over the bridge of traffic to decor, I started putting out my Easter decorations this week and I can't wait to share what I have been working on! I usually call it my coffee station but this seasons its become the candy station, and who doesn't love all the yummy Easter candy!
 Hop To It!!
I got some super cute Easter egg garland from, they have really stepped up their seasonal decor this year and its a lot cheaper then Home Goods and Oriental Trading. The garland was long enough I used it in other areas of my house. Good thing I took this pic before Hubby saw the cookies, cause they are all gone now! They are those yummy Toll House pull apart cookie's you bake.
 See that cute little driftwood bunny, Aunt Sue made this for me (you may remember she made me a Santa too). He is so cute!! The welcome bunny sign came from Walmart and the Easter gingham egg where given to me from a friend a work who has some stuff for her Goddaughter she forgot to give her, so lucky me I got a big bag of goodies!
 This jar of colorful Peeps is my favorite part, I love these little things!! They are so bright and colorful and scream Easter! They will be perfect in my morning hot beverage! I also picked up some egg shaped M&M's, Taylor is loving these.
 Nothing says spring like butterflies and pastel colors, so I love pulling out my lovely Lenox Butterfly Meadow mugs I received as a wedding gift. So pretty and perfect for Easter!
Speaking of spring time pastel colors, last weekend was so nice I was able to wear my new Old Navy rose colored drawstring shorts with my Cinderella tee, I felt like a comfy princess!
My new army green dress I found at Target last week when I went in for cold medicine, both items made me feel better!! I paired it with my Target booties!
I got this paisley print dress last year from Lolly Wolly Doodle, it fits great and has my cute monogram in orange. I paired it with my blue necklace.
Another Disney inspired outfit for the work day, I paired this comfy yellow dress with black leggins and flats with a red necklace. And of course I took my Beauty and The Beast purse with me!
A picture can saw a thousand words, can't it?!
Mom Life right here!!
Taking out the garbage and pushing a kid at the same time down the street. Cause if the kid is not moving or being held she screams.
So we have to learn to multi task and realize we need another set of arms!!
I hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend!!


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