Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Grinch Movie Night

This quote may be in my top 3 Christmas Movie quotes of all time, its when The Grinch realizes the true meaning of Christmas. With all the gifts to buy, events to attend, traveling to do, I think we all can loose the joy in the Christmas season, this cute movie is a great reminder and its only 30 minutes, perfect for little kids!
As a side note, this was the first movie night I ever did for my family, it was so much fun we continued doing it all year!!
I pulled Mr. Grinch from our Grinch tree in the playroom, I figured he would like to watch the movie too :-) I also used the picture of Taylor and I last year when we watched The Grinch at our local library with green popcorn!
Trying some Grinch punch AKA green Hawaiian Punch!
 Show time!
I picked up some Oreo's and green Wilson's candy melts for our special treat. These candy melts work great and are microwavable...SCORE!
 Nicole was all about the M&M's! Not eating them, but picking up one at a time and handing them to Daddy.
Cookies and M&M's?! We love them!!
 Nicole Lou-Who
 Give me that M&M Mommy!!!
May all our hearts grow 3 sizes this holiday season XOXO


Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Happy Portgiving

If you follow along with the blog you saw how we celebrated with my family for Thanksgiving, well if that was not fun enough we did it again with Hubby's family on Friday! My in-laws live in Lawrenceville, where I grew up so I always enjoy going back, it brings back some great memories!
 We packed up again Friday morning and left Athens for Lawrenceville, but made a pit stop at Dunkin Donuts for some caffeine and donuts, yum! 

When we arrived, Avery was driving her Barbie Jeep and Taylor jumped right in!
Even Nicole got to go for a spin!
Omma always creates beautiful holiday tablescapes, isn't this lovely?!
 After eating a lot of yummy food, we changed and got ready for the Stone Mountain Village Christmas parade!
Hubby use to always go to the parade when he was little but this was my first time and it was fantastic!
 Our family friends Katherine and Alex's house is right on the the square so we stopped by to walk with them to the parade. Katherine and her Mom Nan made this beautiful twinkle globes with chicken wire!
 The girls 1st parade!
 Daddy was excited too!
 Omma, Poppie and Avery
 The kiddos!
 Here come the bagpipes, they were my favorite!
 Sweet Nan asked if she could hold Nicole and she jumped right into her arms!
This lady y'all is incredible. She is so giving and has been so good to my family, I could never tell her enough how much she has helped us. XOXO Nan
The kids loved getting lots of candy!
 Omma, Daddy and the girls
 After the parade we moved to the gazebo on the square to listen to some music!
Here is a little clip of the great music!
 3/4 is not too shabby with this group!
 What a fun parade and the weather was perfect!

It's SANTA!!!!!!
The beautiful downtown Stone Mountain tree!
 Love Omma's BIG smile :-)
 We had a great and festive time! Our Thanksgiving was delicious and the parade was a blast, a great way to kick off the holiday season!!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Holidays Everyone!!
I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving Holiday!
It was great having a nice long break, ours was filled with lots of travel, family, good food, and an ER visit for Hubby. Don't panic, he is ok but his back is REALLY hurting him. To make a long story short he is meeting with his neurologist this week and I am praying we will find an answer to what caused this. I will keep you updated if anything changes but prayers for Hubby are very much appreciated XOXO
Moving on to happier things, we did enjoy Turkey Day and stuffed ourselves with lots of yummy food. The weather was absoultly gorgeous. Here are some pics from our trips! 
 Since traffic was much lighter with so many people off, I arrived about 15 min early to work and was able to swing by Starbucks to start my day off with a caramel latte and cranberry bliss bar. When they say bliss, they are not kidding! This yummy treat is filled with white chocolate and juicy cranberries, my favorite Starbucks treat by far!!
 Since Hubby is a teacher, he has the best work schedule EVER!! He got an entire week off so since the girls were at school he met me for lunch at our favorite Fancy Pantry. He worked there for a number of years while in school and its how we first met! They have some of the best food, for lunch I got the salami muffalata with squash bisque, olive dipping sauce and a strawberry lemonade...a bite of heaven!
 Thanksgiving morning Hubby picked up some donuts at Dutch Monkey, they were delicious and tasted even better while I watched the Rocketts dance on the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade! Those LEGS!!
 Nicole was not feeling the turkey spirit while I was trying to get ready AKA not holding her!
 There is not much in life I despise, one of the few is PACKING!! UGHH!! I just don't like it at all, this is just for a few days and the toys were not even loaded yet. Thumbs DOWN!
 But once all the packing was done we made our first stop to see my parents in Athens, aren't the leaves just beautiful?! As well as Taylor Turkey!
 Here is another great pic of Taylor and her cousin Katherine!
 Daddy and Nicole playing outside
All the food was so good, I could never pick my facoirte, although I did double up on stuffing and cream corn. But I was not too stuffed that I couldn't fit it a bite of everyone of these desserts! Chocolate pie, applie pie, cheesecake and Nutella stuffed cookies...YUM!
 After the turkey set in, so did wanting to take a nap!
 Baby girls 2nd Thanksgiving
 My Mom had the condo decorated so pretty, here is her beautiful tables cape, love the green dishes and red place mats!
 When I ask the kids to smile for a pic...
 I just couldn't get over how pretty all the leaves where!
 These 2 are what I am most thankful for
 Helping sissy along
 After all that playing outside I needed some more cookies!
We ate our lunch at my Grandmother's kitchen table, very special!
 So pretty!
 My beautiful & ageless Mom!! She was so sweet, she kept Nicole the next morning so I could catch some extra ZZ's, thanks Gigi!!!!
 Did I mention I love desserts?!
Thanksgiving with my family was lots of fun, we laughed a lot and enjoyed so yummy food. My family has been blessed year after year with so much, they are a blessing in my life everyday and I am forever grateful for their love and support. Stay tuned for Turkey Day Two!!