Thursday, March 16, 2017

Disney Inspired Outfits

With all the negative stuff we see on the news and social media, I really try to only follow positive stuff, a lot of of my favorite pics on Instagram are from Disney fanatics! I follow a couple of girls who take beautiful pics at the park with their super cute tee shirts and ears. It just makes me happy seeing how happy they are on the happiest place on Earth! A lot of them make customized tees, mugs or ears for all things Disney. Its fun and a simple joy :-)
I wish I could take pics at the park everyday but for now I have started a little collection of my own Disney inspired outfits, its nothing super fancy but it makes me happy to wear them so I wanted to share what I have so far over the years!
 My first outfit is Mickey inspired!
 Since the outfits are not brand new I don't have all the sources but this cute top came from Walmart as well as the red shorts. I love these shorts cause they are not super short that my pockets hang out (I don't understand this look) but they are still above the knees, a great outfit for the weekend! I remember I got this last summer while Hubby was between ICU and back surgery. I got it cause it made me happy and was comfortable, sometimes its the little things that help us along in harder times.
 One of my favorite Bambi quotes, especially being a Mommy
 You have seen this outfit several times on the blog, it came from Kohl's and its part of Lauren Conrad's Disney line which is adorable! The skirt has a soft lining so its not itchy and I pair it with this Bambi necklace from Etsy.
 Next up is Princess Sunshine Snow White
 This is another great piece from the Lauren Conrad line I got for Christmas this year, it has a pretty bow on the back and lace trim, its so soft and pretty, one of my favorite tops. I like to wear it with some red apple earrings.
 There are so many great Disney tee's out there, you can find them everywhere. Looking at my collection Rapunzel is my favorite!!
 I got this Little Mermaid tee when I took Taylor to go see the play, I just love the mint color. This best day ever tee is my newest and favorite, its so pretty with gold glitter and I like to wear this Tangled sun necklace with it. I don't wear this other Tangled too much, its really tight and white, not the best look after having 2 kids. But hopefully I can pass it down to the girls soon!
 Cinderella has always been the gold standard, she married Prince Charming and went from rags to riches all while keeping her sweet heart and dreams alive, a great lesson for all us dreamers
I scored these pretty blush colored shorts from Old Navy and can't wait to wear them this spring, anything with an elastic waist I am all about! Pink and green is one of my favorite combos so I went searching for a Cinderella shirt and found it on Etsy, is so pretty and sweet.
 Every princess needs her beauty sleep right?! As well as hard working Mom's! Sleep is awesome and I wish I got a little more of it, but maybe that will improve as my little ones get bigger. But for the sleep I do get these pj's a perfect!!
 These adorable jammies came from Target last summer and are super soft and perfect for getting cozy in!! I can't wait until it warms up to start wearing them again!
 What movie could be more perfect for my 2 little girls then a princess movie about sisters?!
 My girls have lots of Disney cloths, they love them too! The newest tees to add to their collection came from Catherine at The Monkey and The Weasel, she makes a lot of my girls dresses for the holidays. She recently has a sample sale and I picked up these adorable monogrammed tees, once it warms up they are going to love wearing them!!
 I hope you all enjoyed a look at my Disney collection so far, hopefully I will be able to share more soon!
Whatever you like to wear, wear what makes YOU happy!!

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