Monday, February 29, 2016

Lady & The Tramp Movie Night

New Monday, new week, new this! Hope everyone had a great weekend, ours was very relaxing and I got a lot of home projects done I had been wanting to do, I will blog more about those later this week. But as for now I wanted to tell you about our movie night Friday, we watched the Disney classic Lady & The Tramp! This one is a no brainier on what to serve for food, spaghetti of coarse! Taylor got this cute little Lady dog, I found it on Ebay for super cheap:
My sweet hubby got in on the meal and prepared some home made chicken meat balls and spaghetti, it was delicious! I had some frozen Cole's bread sticks in the freezer, really good and cheap, only like $3.00 a box:
I pulled out my red checkered table cloth, I have really got a lot of use from it, I use it for Forth of July too! A candle to add some romance and we were ready to start!
Taylor gave some noodles to her Dad and tried some herself, yum! We had a great night, it was a fun way to start the weekend!!

Friday, February 26, 2016

What I wore-yellow style

Happy Friday, its almost the weekend and I am so ready!! I am hoping to pull out my St. Patrick's Day decor this weekend and update my fireplace mantel, can't wait!! Its no surprise I love the color yellow, I used it in my wedding and my blog title :-) I wore it twice this week at work, its seems like a summer color but I've found it can be used all year round, its a pick me up!
This is a Pinterest inspired out fit, I've have this comfy yellow sweater for a while, so I paired it with a navy skirt from Walmart, my brown boots from Amazon and this cute plaid scarf my Mom had.
Since Friday's are a little more casual around the office I wore this yellow long sleeve shirt from Target and this purple vest from Walmart, I LOVE this pattern..and the price, $12 bucks..SCORE!! Even though I look like a LSU fan, I still like the yellow/purple combination. I hope you all have a safe and relaxing weekend XOXO

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Perk up your lunch!

Having a full time job is hard, that's why they call it work, right? Everyone deserves a break during the day to refresh and recharge. As I have said before I love going out to eat, there are a lot of great restaurants around my office that do a yummy lunch, but going out everyday can add up. I try to limit myself to twice a week treat, but sometimes its more/less. So when I do bring my lunch from home I thought it could use a little more excitement then a boring white paper plate. So as a lover of everything monogrammed I ordered the cute plate from Etsy! I thought it would brighten up my lunch a little bit. I usually pick up a couple of these yummy Lean Cuisine sandwiches while I am at Walmart, they run about $3.00 each, not too much.
Here is my cute new plate and little monogram, love it!!
I heated up my chicken club panini sandwich and enjoyed! Affordable and yummy, my favorite kind of lunch!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

What I Wore-Lilly P. Style!

I have never really been a clothing label lover, meaning its never mattered to me where my cloths came from. I have tons of cloths I love from everywhere, Walmart is a favorite! I love looking at Pintrest for outfit ideas and trying to put together cheaper versions. But when it comes to everything Lilly P., I swoon!! I love all the bright colors, patterns & it just makes me happy, I think its very southern. But it sure is expensive and a special treat. I have a few pieces I treasure and thanks to my Mom my collection is growing. Here are the 2 outfits she helped me purchase this past weekend.
I have been wanting a pair of Lilly pants for a while and these are well worth the wait! I love the elastic waist band (still have a belly from Nicole & all the ice cream I ate) and the fabric is so bright and cheerful. I think I can wear them through out the year (for that amount of money I am going to try hard). I ordered some gold sandals from Target I think will go great with these pants once spring arrives.
This is my all time favorite Lilly pattern, I LOVE the color and elephants!! Plus the dress was on the sale rack...SCORE!!
Love this quote, happiness is the best make up ever! Live colorfully!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Sweet & Sassy

Both my girls have been blessed with beautiful & fast growing hair! Taylor's hair had gotten really long so we had an appointment at Sweet & Sassy!!
Its the cutest little girl boutique right down the street from us. They have a run way, nail salon and hair salon, you can even have birthday parties there, I am thinking we will be doing that in the upcoming years!! My girl was so brave and sweet, and so was her stylist!

Look at the big smile, she as a pro!! But then again, who doesn't like getting their hair done?!
The finished look, way to go Taylor, you look beautiful!!
The full view, 2 inches gone!
It was a fun girls day with Taylor, I am looking forward to the day when I can take both girls. I asked her, "Taylor are you sweet or sassy?" She said, "SASSY!!" You got that right!

Monday, February 22, 2016

A weekend of celebration

Happy Monday, this weekend seemed to go by so quickly but it was tons of fun! Lets jump right into it! Friday night we had our Family Movie Night, this weeks Disney movie was Bambi! Don't worry no deer meat was served but Thumper's Carrot Cake was! I found a camouflage table runner from oriental trading, a stuffed Bambi doll from Ebay and a necklace from Etsy. All very cheap! Taylor seemed to really like the movie, she laughed a lot. Of course there was the sad part when Bambi's Mom dies (as in every Disney movie, see ya Mom and Dad!). At the end when Bambi was standing on the rock it reminded me a lot of The Lion King, when Simba takes his place in the circle of life.
Here is a close up of the cute necklace, I think we will share!
Did you know you can cook a cake on broil and it taste good? The bottom part of our oven has not been working but the broiler is so I cooked it low and slow and came out delish! I found these little deer heads at oriental trading too, I thought they would go good with the Bambi theme.
Taylor loved her Bambi stuffed animal and was excited when the movie started!
On Saturday, lucky Taylor got to go to the circus with Omma, Poppie, Ryder and Avery! Omma got all the grands tickets for their Christmas present, Taylor was excited! I found this cute circus dress off Etsy and we had this lion from Zoo Atlanta.
Here they all are before the show, they are ready to see all the animals!

Thanks Omma & Poppie for taking Taylor, she loved every moment!
While Taylor was at the circus, my husband watched Nicole and my Mom drove all the way from Columbus to meet me at Phipps Plaza and boy did we have a good time! We first enjoyed some lunch a Johnny Rockets then got some adorable cloths from my favorite Lilly Pulitzer, Happy Birthday to me!
A cute little jute box at the bar!
2 cherry chocolate milkshakes please & an order of cheddar fries!
Girl time is the best!
Next stop, Lilly P!! I mean who doesn't want to fit into a form fitted dress after milkshakes, fries and patty melts?!
Oh my gracious, check out the cute dressing rooms!
Thanks to my awesome parents, check out the items we scored! How lucky am I?!
We had a wonderful time but the best part by far was getting to spend the afternoon with my Mom, she is THE BEST! After shopping we headed over to my in-laws house, my sweet MIL prepared a lovely dinner of lasagna, garlic bread and the yummiest chocolate mousse you have ever had!
On top of all that she creates the most beautiful tablescapes, here is her Valentine one, isn't it lovely?
I can't say enough how much appreciate all the cards, presents, food and well wishes for my birthday. I am blessed beyond what I deserve, 35 will be greatXOXO

Friday, February 19, 2016

High 5 for 35!

Yesterday, February 18 was my 35th birthday and it was a lot of fun! But first my baby Nicole also turned 5 month old, I love that we share the same birth date!
The girls & hubby went to school that morning like usual so I got some extra sleep which was fantastic. I stayed in my pajamas later then usual, danced to some music, had a doctor appointment that I didn't have to make up, got some Arby's, went on a walk around the neighborhood (still trying to loose the baby weight, boy is it hard with no extra time!) and watched Sex and the City while munching on some Girl Scout cookies. It was a fun afternoon and great to have some down time!
My little brother surprised me with this sweet card and Starbucks gift card, he knows me so well!! And I also got some great cards from other family members, thank you all!
After picking up the girls from day care, my hubby was sweet enough to pick up my favorite, Chicken Salad Chick and a yummy Publix birthday cake with cherry's. Taylor helped me blow out the candles and I got some cash to use when my Mom & I go Lilly P shopping!
Overall it was a great day of well wishes, sunshine and reflection. I am beyond blessed with all that I have been given these 35 years. I am happy & satisfied with where I am. 35 is going to be a great one!
I have been a reader and fan of The Small Things Blog for years, Kate has amazing hair, make up and fashion tips. She posted some super cute JCrew pants on her blog the other day, I liked the outfit so much I wanted to wear it myself, but JCrew is not really in my budget. So I looked around on and found these green skinny jeans for $12 bucks and these gray tee for around $5. I already had the jean jacket from last fall and the ankle boots from Target from a couple of years ago. Love being able to get inspiration from others while at a cheaper price!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Just some simple joy's

Hello Wednesday & welcome to half way into the work week. So far its been a busy one so I just wanted to share some little things that make me smile :-)
Both my Mother and Mother in law sent us some great Valentine's Day gifts and cards, since yesterday was President's Day, both packages arrived yesterday evening. Gigi sent Nicole this adorable Little Sister onesie, how cute! We love getting our pajamas on at home after a long day!
Polka dot's make me happy and so do elastic bottoms! I got this cute skirt at Walmart last year, I love the ruffle, so feminine. I also wore some pearls, I figured they matched the polka dots!
Anyone who works in an office setting knows how busy it can get, I think its important to take a break and treat yourself sometimes. Too many working lunches at your desk/computer is not good for anyone. But I know going out can be expensive too so I try to balance both. Since I brought my lunch Monday & Tuesday I figure today was a perfect day for one of my favorite local restaurants, Fancy Pantry. Everything there is delish, you can't go wrong. Plus it has a sentimental meaning to me, its how I met my husband XOXO I got a creamy tomato pasta bowl, side of cheese bread, peanut butter bar for dessert and sweet tea to drink, yum!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

President's Day

Another celebration is February?! Yeah!! Since 2/15/16 was President's Day we had a little celebration during dinner. I mixed up some Calvin Cool-Aid, munched on some Abraham Apples, and I just stirred up some brownies and sprinkled blue & red on them!
I think Taylor was looking for a present but she just settled for a good hot dog!
I pulled out my Fourth of July box and just placed some flags on the table to create a patriotic table scape. Here is a quote I really like from President Thomas Monson
Last week I got a good coupon in my email from Lolly Wolly Doodle, I purchased this pink maxi dress and love it! Its not monogrammed but very comfy, sometimes I think maxi dresses are like acceptable sweat pants you can wear to work, love them!
And what could make a long work day bearable? Girl Scout cookies!! YES!! I am never telling how many I take home to share and how many I keep at my desk :-)

Monday, February 15, 2016

Valentine's Weekend

We had busy & fun Valentine's Day weekend filled with lots of love! After work Friday I stopped by Rheas Burgers, some of the best tasting burgers in Roswell for sure!
I am not a huge burger person myself and when I do eat them, I like mine more on the thinner side, so these are perfect for me! Its like a patty melt & forget the buns, they put them on buttered french bread...YUM! Saturday morning I got my birthday discount hair cut and my hubby picked up some Valentine donuts from Dutch Monkey. I love getting my hair washed and styled, I think I need a stylist every day. After that I took Taylor to Walmart with me for our weekly grocery shopping. Isn't that what the weekend's are for, getting everything done you didn't have time for during the work week?!
Donuts as sweet as my little shopper XOXO
For Valentine's Dinner my husband made reservations at yummy Ruth's Chris steakhouse. Going out to eat with out the girls to somewhere like this is unusual for us but very nice! We have eaten a lot of Totino's party pizza's so I didn't feel too guilty about the steak diner! Our daycare offered Parent's Night out Saturday, they had pizza, ice cream, a craft and movie. This was our first time taking the girls but they seemed to really enjoy it. No tears at drop off and smiles when we got them, at least from Taylor. Nicole slept the entire time I think :-) My sweet roommate Sarah has given me loads of cloths over the years from her daughter Savannah. I feel so blessed and it really helps! Plus Savannah has great style, check out this cute little green skirt and brown zip up boots!
 I purchased this red dress back in December from one of my favorite websites Lolly Wolly Doodle. Its a little more then I like to spend on cloths but they have great coupon codes and you can get everything monogrammed...SOLD. I figured I could wear this Christmas, V-Day, and GA games! I also wore this beautiful heart necklace my husband gave 6 years ago, still lovely. I wore it on our wedding day.

Here are some pics from our lovely dinner
I enjoyed the 12 oz filet with mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, a Caesar salad and my all time favorite dessert the chocolate mousse cake, its so tall and just delicious!
A stairway to heaven, or at least beautiful heart balloons!
Every February I have been getting pictures of Daddy-daughter date night, here is the best one we could do Saturday night! My sweet husband kept the awesome day going by surprising me with a Spa Sydell gift card and I thought Nicole looked cute in this hat, 2 things I love!
Sunday morning we had a special breakfast with heart shaped waffles, cinnamon rolls and we found some gifts Cupid had brought the night before!
Taylor LOVES all things Disney Princess and Peppa Pig, so she was just a little excited to see the Peppa Pig car with the Peppa Pig family! Since Nicole is so small I just got her a little onesie, second child problems :-) Taylor also scored a new Tangled doll!

Every month my office does a birthday celebration, lucky me scored an AMC gift card so I took Taylor to see Kung Fu Panda 3 yesterday, we had a great time! We had popcorn, coke and fruit snacks!!

Everybody was Kung Fu fighting!!
To close out our fun weekend we took our girls for some fine dining at Waffle House! For Valentine's Day they accept reservations. Everything was pink and festive, here is a look at the lights:
Do you feel the romance? This was also Nicole's first time a Waffle House and she did great! Between all the great food, gifts and family time this has been one of my favorite weekends this year. Happy Valentine's Day to you all XOXO