Friday, March 10, 2017

What I Wore & New Ferns

Happy Friday Everyone! Hope your week has been pretty good, I am defiantly ready for the weekend. The weather around GA seems to go back and forth between still holding on to winter and touches of spring, but I guess that is pretty typical for March, right?! I have been getting some new summer cloths but its not warm enough to wear them, but I think layering is the best trick right now, its cool in the morning and nice in the afternoons. Here is what I wore to keep comfy!
 Nicole and I wore our Disney Princess tops to church, I had Snow White and she had Frozen!
 Flower Power!! This outfit is about 4 year old but still looks great! I got the pants, tank top and coral cardigan from Walmart. The beautiful handmade mint flower scarf came from Etsy. I love coral and mint together, a great spring time outfit for cooler weather!
 Like so many others on Instagram, I follow The Small Things Blog, Kate always had great makeup tips, outfits and the best hair ever! She posted this lace extender from Lace & Grace. If the name sounds familiar its cause they were on Shark Tank! I thought it was so cute and perfect for work outfits where you need a little more coverage!
 I tried to get the same look and I love it! I got lots of compliments on it, its very light weight and pretty. My Mother In Law gave it to me for my birthday, I think it runs around $40, kind of pricey but goes with so much!
 We had one day in the 70's so it was perfect for a bright Lilly P dress!! I love the ocean colors in this print, I also wore my new necklace my cousin Mindy gifted me with, so pretty!
 I went back and forth on this outfit with the mixed prints, but I went for cause I liked it! I saw this outfit on Instagram, I got the green jeans and leopard flats from Walmart as well as the strip shirt. Talk about mixed patterns!!
 When you wear a St. Patrick's Day shirt, a chocolate shamrock frappe is a most! I've had the bright green shamrock shake before, but not the one with chocolate and chocolate makes its better for sure!! Pick one up and taste the Irish!
 Silly Coco!!
I've been wanting to get some artificial ferns for our front porch for a while, but they are not cheap!! On the other hand my real life ferns usually end up dead and brown and I end up spending more money to get new ones. So I went for it and purchased these from Home Depot and LOVE them!! They are big, green and beautiful! I am so happy with them, I feel like its a good investment that will last me a while...I hope!!
 Don't forget to set your clocks forward Saturday night, I am actually looking forward to this time switch because 1. It won't be black when I get home and that helps with my parental guilt. 2. My kids are always up, so back or forward I seem to never get more sleep!! Parents of young kids, I feel ya!!

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