Thursday, March 9, 2017

Simple Joys

It's the down side of the work week hill everyone, yeah!! Getting close to the weekend. We have been having a fun week so far and I wanted to share you some fun pics!
Any lunch that is a Fancy Pantry lunch is ALWAYS good!! For a lunch meeting I got to enjoy some mini sandwiches, red potato salad, apple salad and a chocolate chip cookie. Fancy Pantry is one of my favorite lunch spots and it holds a soft spot in my heart, its how I met Hubby! Is you are in Roswell or Alpharetta, check it out!
 Who doesn't love a unicorn?! They are so pretty and magical! I got this top and rainbow pants from Walmart from Taylor, it made it much easier to get her dressed when she is excited to wear something this cute!
What could be better then a unicorn???
 Being Owlette for the day!!
Taylor loves the Disney show PJ Masks! I got this awesome top with wings at Target.
 She was super excited, can you tell?!
 I love rice, especially Zatarain's, I think it tastes so good. For an easy week day supper we usually do yellow rice with turkey sausage or red beans and rick with turkey sausage, put some bread sticks in the over and its a great one pot meal!
 Dixie Delights does it again, I am loving her new St. Patrick's day tassel bracelet, the orange and white stripped beads are beautiful!! Love her jewelry!!
 Laughing in the morning way is the perfect way to start the day, look at silly Coco and those teeth!! My little cupcake!
 Walmart shipped me this by mistake, but it was the best mistake they made cause it is SO good!! Its a milk chocolate spread, Hubby and I have been eating this by the spoonful. Usually 2 spoons is all we can handle but it would be even better with some apples or strawberries!
 I see so many beautiful pictures on Instagram everyday, but this one really caught my eye! I have never seen someone have the guts to do it but I LOVE it. She took all the cabinet doors off and look how pretty it turned out. My cabinets are almost embarrassing, but it does inspire me to clean them up some, so pretty!
 Nothing makes Taylor happier then when she gets to play outside with our neighbor Emily! They love playing together and I am so thankful they do. I see many more years of friendship for these 2!
 For many people they are in the lent season, although I am not Catholic I think its a great time to reflect on my own life and what I put in front of God. Its a special time leading up to Easter. Our church put out this cross with a beautiful purple cloth draped over it. Its a great reminder of the greatest love of all XOXO.
 Little Elsa got to move up to the one year old room at church and did great, go Coco!!
 This is me when Hubby controls the heat!!!

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