Monday, October 31, 2016

Tour of Southern Ghosts

BOO Y'all!! Happy Halloween!
This weekend my cousin's Ella and Sophie stayed with us and boy did we have a lot of fun!!
They were so sweet and helpful, I wish they could stay with us all the time. We had a great time doing all kinds of fun Halloween activities, our first spooky stop was at Stone Mountain's Tour of Southern Ghosts. This is a fun tradition Stone Mountain does every Halloween, Hubby has been going since he was a little monster. It runs every Friday-Sunday night at the Antebellum Plantation. Here are some scary pics from our trip!

We arrived at the park around 6:45, there was a line but it was not too bad. They offer snacks and apple cider while you wait, yum!
Hubby got us a big glass of apple cider in this cute BOO Y'all cup, scary good!
There are some haystacks with light up pumpkins you can look at while you wait, the girls really liked these. The pumpkins spell our Southern Ghosts :-)
BOO snacks while you wait, apple cider, hot chocolate and popcorn, YUM!
As you start you walk around the plantation there are different storytellers along the way each with their own spooky tale and beautiful cloths, I just loved the dresses!
The older girls seemed to enjoy the stories more then the younger (naturally), but being outside Taylor and Nicole were able to walk around and play while the story telling was going on. I just loved walking thru the plantation at night, especially the main house, look at how pretty the stairs and front porch are. I can only imagine all that has happened in that house.
At the end of the tour we walked thru a graveyard of people who didn't make it our alive, meet The Rott Family...RIP!
Don't worry, we made it thru the tour alive and all smiles!!
Again, I can't say how much fun with Sophie and Ella in town, here is Sophie helping Taylor and she was the best helper!! She loves little kids so much, I told her she needs to work in a daycare, she would be fantastic!
My awesome family, love all these people so much!!
Before we headed out to Stone Mountain, I fixed up some super easy Walking Tacos for dinner. All you do is get your favorite taco toppings, prepare the meat and get an assortment of your favorite chips. Pour all the toppings into the bag and enjoy, trust me you will love this one!
Also before Halloween is over swing by Starbucks and pick up the seasonal Frappula Frappacino, its so good!! White Chocolate and blood AKA raspberry syrup!!

Friday, October 28, 2016

Simple Joys

My to-get list seems to keep growing this week with all the things I need to buy before Halloween but we are getting really exited around here to celebrate!! Today at work we had a pumpkin carving contest, here is what our group came up with:
Hubby helped me a lot and we had a lot of fun. Having little ones around the house and tons of dirty diapers I had all the supplies :-)
We also enjoyed some Halloween cupcakes, scary good!
This little monkey loves some bananas!
I always enjoy reading with Taylor at night, we have a small collection of Halloween books but its a lot of fun!
Pandora has a great Halloween station, so many great songs keep playing, but this one is one of my all time favorite songs Halloween or not! Its hauntingly beautiful and from my favorite Disney movie.
With Nicole walking now, she loves going outside, she falls down a lot but loves to explore the drive way, grass and garage! The weather is perfect for playing outside in the evening!
I recently opening a savings account for Nicole, or should I say Natalie?! Companies seem to have one actress in mind when they think of our daughter!! I know Nicole WISHES her account looked like Natalie Portman's!
Driving home from dinner the other night Hubby snapped this picture of the Atlanta sky line. Atlanta is so pretty at night, we have a great city!!
The girls adorable fall school pictures came in, love these 2 so much!
I hope everyone out there has a great weekend filled with lots of rest and fun!!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

What I Wore & Halloween Time Hop

With the end of the month just around the corner and a holiday, there is always something going on at work or home this week it seems like, from the weather report, looks like Halloween in GA will be fantastic! Comfortable and fall like! 
I've been using Instagram a lot this week for new wardrobe ideas, there are a lot of fashion bloggers out there I follow, I try to use what I already have and here are some new styles I came up with this week:
It's perfect weather for laying up, I dusted off my super soft denim jacket I got from Walmart last fall and paired it with my light blue sleeveless ruffled top from I also pulled out my red pencil skirt from Amazon and Target booties. has been my favorite new fashion website for super cheap cloths that you can wear so many ways. I got this green top from there and paired it with my black pencil skirt and zebra print sweater. This sweater is so old I can't remember this source! I am loving this beautiful black necklace Mom got me from Target this summer, it goes with everything and is pretty lightweight. I also paired this outfit with my Target booties, after all, they are made for walking!
Hubby had a back check up this week so he left work a little early and surprised me by bringing this yummy Sea Salt Caramel Frappaccino to my office, the perfect pick me up! He also thought I was a picnic table cloth.
His style is different then mine! He has no idea how in buffalo check is, but my Mom sure does! She hooked me up with this super cute vest from Stein Mart I believe. I paired it with my Shein plaid button down top and khaki pencil skirt. I love the vest cause its light weight and not to puffy.
I freshened up my beautiful gray chevron Lolly Wolly Doodle dress with my green vest, I seriously wear this thing at least once a week I think, it goes with everything! I love this dress cause it has my initial monogrammed in yellow on the bottom corner. Lolly Wolly has super cute stuff but think ahead, their orders usually take over a month to arrive, but they are made here in the USA which is awesome and their customer service is great!
For Hubby's birthday dinner I pulled out my best Lilly P long sleeve dress and bright pink vest, love this combo! I felt so bright and pretty! I also wore my brown boots. And may this necklace RIP :-( When I came home that night, I was changing Nicole's diaper, she grabbed this necklace so tight my neck stayed on but the necklace broke and went everywhere!
This is my favorite Walmart fashion find lately, this sweater is like a comfy blanket, I absolutely love it, and it was $14...SCORE!! I paired it with my black leggins, a tank top beneath and brown boots. I will be wearing this comfy top all season for sure!
This shirt is so awesome, its scary!
I ordered it from Etsy shop Forever Strong Apparel, a little pricey at $23 but its my favorite Halloween top and I also get asked where I got it when I wear it. If you want this cute spooky shirt yourself check out:
I have mentioned how much I love the Time Hop app many times, and for reasons just like the picture above, its my sweet dog Gizmo Garrett modeling his Trick or Treat shirt many years ago. In fact I believe its when Hubby and I wore living in a little one bedroom apartment. Giz was a good sport about letting me dress him, he LOVED sitting by a fireplace or open window. He sure was a cutie and I think about him a lot XOXO

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Pumpkin Patch

This weekend Nicole and I took a fun trip to Kinsey Family Farm in Gainesville. I've been to a couple a local pumpkin patches and this one is defiantly my favorite. Its so pretty and lots of fun! Daddy and Taylor opted not to join us which I was bummed about, I heard when we came back Taylor regretted her decision to stay home and kept telling Daddy she wanted to go. Maybe I will get another chance to take her again, but mean while Nicole and I had great time and I got some good pics!!
Kinsey Family Farm grows pumpkins and Xmas trees, its on some really beautiful open land and the weather was great, a perfect fall day!
There is lots to do there from hay rides, picking a pumpkin, riding in the wagons and buying some homemade goodies!
So many pumpkins to see with my BOO-tiful girl!! Isn't this the cutest onesie, its from Walmart for $5...SCORE!
Nicole found a pumpkin just her size!
I just love this one with the American Flag in the background.
Look closely and you can see the Xmas trees growing in the background.
Her first time in a wagon and she loved it!
Whenever we go out I always get the sweetest compliments on how cute Nicole is and I couldn't agree more!! This very sweet lady just loved Nicole and wanted to know all about her, she even took this picture of us!
Nicole decided she not only wanted to hold one pumpkin she needed another!
There were cute fall displays all around!
And of course lots of snacks and drinks!
If you are looking for something more then the standard orange pumpkins, there were plenty of multi colored ones around for the picking!
After buying our pumpkins we stopped by the petting farm and said hello to this cute cow...MOO!
I love driving down a dirt road lined with trees, its so pretty!
Along with some pumpkins I picked up some $7 apple bread, although it's pretty pricey for bread it's delicious! I toasted it with some butter, very good!!
If you live in the North GA area swing by Kinsey Family Farm, you will have a blast!
7170 Jot Em Down Rd, Gainesville, GA 30506

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Happy Birthday Hubby!

Last weekend we celebrated Hubby's 34th birthday! It was his day all day! He got to sleep in, go wherever he wanted, pick any kind of lunch, open presents and eat some ice cream cake, then a special dinner! It was a fun day to show how special he is to all of us! 
Here are some adorable pics when he was a little rascal, see a resemblance with the girls?!
Our birthday breakfast had some spooky guests and a big yellow balloon Taylor picked out!
Donut be scared of these Halloweenie's from Dutch Monkey Donuts!! They are frightfully delicious!
Taylor even joined in the scary fun with some vampire teeth!
That afternoon per Hubby's request we went to see his 8th boys play football, the girls loved walking around and watching the cheerleaders!
It was a beautiful fall day but VERY windy!! 
The wind didn't bother this gal, she was loving all the open space and Skittles Daddy got her!
Daddy and Coco cheering on The Knights!
When we got back from the game we enjoyed some Dairy Queen ice cream cake, YUM!
Happy Birthday to YOU!!!
My sweet friend and coworker Kate was kind enough to come over and watch our girls so I could take the birthday boy out for a dinner. We headed down to Buckhead to Flip Burger, its a trendy burger boutique that was just as good as I had heard!
The inside was filled with really cool designs, a lot of white and high top tables.
Hubby ordered some yummy fried pickles for our appetizer, very crispy and delish!
Flip Burger is also known for this unique milkshakes and its no doubt why when I had this Krispy Kreme shake...YUM!
Hubby had the praline pumpkin shake, it was great too!
This is THE BEST burger I've had ever!! It's called the Southern Burger, it had a chicken fried hamburger patty with pimento cheese, sweet potato tots and cinnamon butter to dip them in. Go ahead and roll me out of here.
This was what Hubby ordered, a Chorizo burger with fried egg and tots, he loved it!
If you follow the blog you may remember Hubby was very sick this summer, he was in ICU for 12 days. All birthday's are special, but this birthday was very special for me, I am so grateful for his good health and positive changes he has made. I hope 34 is his best year yet!!