Tuesday, March 7, 2017

A Trip To The Circus

Over the Christmas Holiday Santa Omma & Poppie gifted their grand kids with a trip to the circus, and this weekend the circus came to town!
Taylor had a great time and she got a light up butterfly she is still playing with. Omma and Poppie took Avery, Ryder and Taylor, Nicole is still too young and sent us tons of great pictures. Here she is under the big tent!
 I ordered Taylor this beautiful circus print dress from TheHandmadeElephant, a shop on Etsy. I loved the circus tent print and beautiful blue color. She even let me curl her hair for the big event, so pretty!!
 Hubby dropped Taylor off at McDonald's and they all dined on some Happy Meals with chicken nuggets, yum!
 Look who got some light up toys, YEAH!! I remember when I was a little girl getting an 80's light up toy at the circus, so much fun!
 The 3 amigos!! Looks like they are having a blast!
 Taylor with all the bright lights!
 After the circus they went back to Omma's and played some soccer...
 Drove Avery's Jeep, beep, beep!
 Played some softball while holding onto her butterfly toy
 Shoveled some sand
 Created a BIG fire where they roasted some marshmallows! So much fun!!
 Cuddling with Aunt Amy, she is the best!
While getting ready for church Omma said Taylor wanted to play while Avery and Ryder watched a movie, she loves all the kids toys and is really good a playing by herself, she has a sweet imagination XOXO
 Big top thanks to Omma and Poppie for making Taylor's day at the circus so much fun!! Lions, Tigers, & Bears OH MY!
And I didn't want to let today go without celebrating National Cereal Day!
I have eaten a bowl of cereal everyday for most of my life, its the perfect meal anytime! Go fix a bowl (hopefully in a cute Frozen one) and enjoy!!


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