Thursday, March 31, 2016

A little Princess Dress update

In my house we all love Disney Princesses, I can't tell you how many dolls Taylor has and loves to play with. Nicole is not there yet, but I am sure she will be! I made a small little update this weekend I hope that both girls will love. Here is the before pic of some wall space I had in Nicole's room:
I LOVE this paint color, its Juliet from Home Depot and looks great! I got this art work hanger at Home Goods when I was preggers with Coco. Art work courtesy of Cousin Avery :-) On another wall I had a castle coat rack. Speaking of Avery, has she has grown we have got some of her old princess gowns. I keep them stored in a tub in the play room. So without having to buy anything new except the decal, here is the updated Princess dress hanger!
What do you think?! Taylor said she really liked it so that made me happy! The coat rack is also from Home Goods.
This is one of my favorite quotes from Cinderella,  I ordered the decal from Etsy for about $10 bucks. Every girl young or old should never stop dreaming :-) Now, who wants to play dress us?!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Easter Weekend

Greetings readers, sorry I am a little behind, Monday I attended the funeral service of my sweet friend Onika, it was beautiful just like her. It was sad too, seeing how grief stricken her parents are breaks my heart. I know it's a parents night mare. This shouldn't happen at 37, but as in many other trying times I truly saw God there. It reminds us all we are not guaranteed anything, tell your loved ones you love them as much as you can. Live and celebrate lift to its fullest!
But before the funeral last weekend we had a lovely Easter celebration with our family and church. My Mother in law always does a fun egg hunt and dinner, the grown up kids had a blast!
Ready, set, hunt!! Nicole is a little too small to join in, but she did like her Easter basket grass!
Before we headed over there, I made up some crescent rolls with cheese, I called them Resurrection Rolls for Easter :-) Super east and yummy, just roll some string cheese inside before you bake them!
Nicole loved hanging out with Poppie and watching all the kids go wild, my husband even hid an egg on his head!

 Doesn't my MIL create the most beautiful table scapes?!
Happy Easter from our family!!
Looks like the Easter Bunny hopped by with gifts for the girls!!
Check out Taylor's face, she was excited about Peppa Pig!
I ordered some bunny ears from Oriental Trading along with this cute table cloth
Our littlest bunny also got a pair
I cooked up some bunny pancakes, bacon, eggs and pink yogurt, YUM!
Nicole got a little toy that sticks to her high chair tray, it makes lots of noise so she is happy!
We also had a fun time at church, it was Taylor's first time sitting with us in church, she did OK, better then I thought, but I felt like a ran a marathon after it!! Pastor Cass called all the kids up front for a surprise...
Baby Chicks!!
Our Family Easter pic for 2016
I hope everyone has a wonderful and lovely Easter weekend, it's a great time of celebration for so many!

Friday, March 25, 2016

Good Friday, simple joy's and what I wore

Happy Good Friday to everyone! I saw this quote on Pinterest & thought it was very appropriate for today:
I found this true in my own life, situations that crushed me have been able to make me stronger and I've used to give hope. Another holiday means another celebration!! Taylor & Nicole's school was having an Easter Egg Hunt today with a party. Being a working parent, I have no time for anything, especially during the work week. I use to feel like I had to made everything from scratch to be special, no more! This year I have been purchasing store bought-already made-easy for me to pick up items and adding a little touch, not much extra time needed! During my lunch break I picked up this already made cupcake tray for like $12 bucks. A little much but it saved me a lot on time...SCORE!
Already cute by themselves, I just picked up some cute yellow Peeps and placed them on top, yum!
I think the girls will have a great Easter Party!
Spring time=Maxi dress time! I love them because one I still have baby weight and two cause its cold in the mornings still and warm in the afternoon. Being able to layer a jacket or cardigan over a maxi is great! To me, they are like the sweatpants of dresses, super comfortable!
Being a GA Bulldog fan I have lots and red and black over the years. Its great cause it carries me all the way from football season to Valentine's Day! I ordered this monogram necklace from Etsy 2 years ago and still love it. Its light to so it doesn't give me a headache like some heavy necklaces seem to do.
Mint green and coral are 2 of my favorite color combinations, so much I painted my guest bathroom these colors. They are so soft and soothing! I got these colored jeans at Walmart and my Mom got me this top and adorable chevron scarf and Target, the flats are Target too!
Target score again! I found this cute boat neck top for $11 at Target which I thought was pretty good. I paired it with my white Old Navy elastic skirt and a bright pink necklace.
I've been a parent for 3 years now and the amount of laundry is just unreal. It literally never stops. Taylor's is not that bad cause she is older, but my baby girl Nicole, I just can't keep up! Between the barfing, cloths, exploding diapers and bibs its outta control. So I purchased a pack of these and HELLO!! One less thing for me to wash! I use it and toss it, that's it...SCORE!
Taylor & her Daddy love to play soccer. Inside or outside they kick and laugh. Her is some I took of her playing, love that smile :-)
5AM comes early for everyone, especially when you don't get that much sleep. But seeing this little smile while I am getting ready for work makes my morning. I hope everyone has a blessed Easter!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Easter Bunny & Easter Hunt

Its all things Easter this week and I am loving it! From all the decorations to candy its such a fun time to celebrate a beautiful thing. I took the girls to visit the Easter Bunny at the mall this weekend and they both did great! Taylor was a pro and went right up to him and gave him a hug. Nicole just kind of had a bug eyed look, but there where no tears...SCORE!
There was not really a line and the sweet photographer took some pics of the girls and I that I LOVE!!
We had a great visit with the Easter Bunny and I love adding these pictures to my collection over the years, so much hoppy fun :-)
Our church hosted a really cute Easter Egg hunt from 5-7 PM. By the time I got off work, picked the girls up and got to church after traffic, it was 6:45 PM. It's frustrating but at least Taylor got to play in the jumpy a few times. No one said being a working parent was easy, right?
My handsome hubby and baby girl XOXO
Our best attempt at getting everyone to smile :-)
I love this picture with the steeple in the background. Its great to know when we feel like we are falling, our Father is there to catch us.

Psalm 118:13-14 I was pushed hard, so that I was falling, but the LORD helped me. The LORD is my strength and my song; he has become my salvation.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

When life gives you lemons...

As I have written before, I love Instagram, I get so many great ideas from fashion to food! I follow Walmart cause I do most of my shopping there, its easier to have everything in one place and its pretty cheap compared to like Publix. I saw this idea on Instagram from Walmart and thought, I could do that!
All it required was a glass jar, lemons & limes, and some floating candles. So when I did my grocery shopping this past weekend I picked up them up, I don't think it was more then $8 bucks...SCORE!
While Nicole was in her bouncy seat I got a cutting board and knife and started slicing. I filled the jar up a little over half way then just started dropping the lemon/lime's in!
I topped it off with a floating candle and loved it!! Another plus, my house smelled like it had just been cleaned with lemons!
The down side I find about using real fruit is it can turn brown quickly,  but so far in the water they still look fresh :-)
This is a super easy and cheap spring craft anyone can do. Now, where is my glass of fresh sweet lemonade?!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Easter Decorations

Happy Holy Week! It feels like I just posted a blog on my St. Patrick's Day decorations and now its time for Easter/Spring decor (even though we had freeze warning last night in GA). I am slowly growing my Easter decorations, I hope to one day get an Easter tree but for now here are some things I put around the house celebrating all things Easter, HOP, HOP!
The true reason for the Easter holiday has meaning in the cross. I love this door hanger I got on Etsy last year, it says He Is Risen and beautiful, spring colored flowers around it.
I have 4 different seasonal print off's I change with each new season. My last winter one was a quote from Frozen, this just says Happy Spring but I love the soft pastel colors.
I found this cute bunny garland for the mantel on Oriental Trading, I also had this stuffed bunny from my Mom and a burlap cut out with a bunny in the middle. I am also growing my Easter Bunny photos with the girls, after taking this pic I ordered some matching white frames, I think it will look more pulled together. I love seeing how the girls grow each year!
I got this blue vase at Home Goods when we moved in 3 years ago, it usually sits by my master bathtub. Looking at Instagram of all the spring tulips I thought I could recreate something like it for cheaper. Since I already had the vase, I purchased some fake bright yellow flowers at Walmart for $6 bucks and I love it!! Its so bright and cheerful! I also got this Easter egg table cloth from Oriental Trading and used my St. Patrick's Day table runner again...SCORE!
I've had this Easter cloth table runner for years from Home Goods, I added an old Easter basket that was Taylor's and put some fake flowers in it. I am waiting for some professional pictures of the girls I ordered with a real bunny to come in. As soon as they do I want to display them on this table, so I tried to leave a little extra room. This weekend I created this lemon/lime jar with floating candle. Super easy and cheap! The last thing I put out was a kids book about Jesus, I am Taylor starts to understand why we celebrate.
As I spoke about yesterday, my sweet friend and coworker Onika passed away. Coming into the office was hard cause I know she won't ever be with us here again. Her desk is empty and we miss her so very much. We had a grief counselor come in today and we had a small group meeting where we shared memories of sweet Onika. There were tears and laughter around the room. One thing has stuck with me that I heard, my manager actually got to see her yesterday. She said she looked like herself again, no tubes, no swelling. She told us Onika had a big smile on her face, she knew it was because she had seen Heaven. Until we meet again my sweet friend, I feel the warmth of you coming on my face as I walk into work every morning.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Friday Movie Night-Toy Story

Happy First week of spring everyone!
Its a  new season & fresh start for everyone. Longer days and more color all around, Hello Spring!
We had a blast watching Toy Story Friday night, To Infinity and Beyond!!
Taylor was surprised by Mr. Potato Head, she calls him Mr. Tato :-) We munched on some Galaxy Puffs, Hamm's Pig in a Blanket, and Mr. Potato Head Fries, it was a lot of fun!!
"You got a friend in me", love that song and & hope my girls know they will always have a friend in me XOXO
Two Taters!!
Yeah for the start to the weekend, love having time off with my family!!

*On a personal note, I served Jury Duty today & may be called back tomorrow so I didn't think I would have time to blog about our fun weekend today. Then I got some sad news early this afternoon, my sweet friend & coworker Onika passed away this morning. She has been very sick for weeks but we thought she was improving. Onika filled in for me while I was on maternity leave. I could never say enough good things about her. She was smart & hilarious. We laughed so much, she will be missed so much, my heart is broken. Onika was also my age & although it may seem inappropriate to write a blog about fun when you are grieving, it really shows us all how we are never promised tomorrow & to live each day to the fullest. Love big, soak up life & that is why I posted today. To remember the good & to say how thankful I am for all I have. Love you O.