Monday, March 20, 2017

St. Patricks Day/Pinocchio Movie Night

Happy 1st Day of Spring everyone!! Here is GA its a beautiful and sunny day!! Remember last week when my car was a block of ice? Now its warm and comfortable. Isn't that like life sometimes, when it seems cold and dark, day break and sunshine are just around the corner.
 Trying to find a kid friendly St. Patrick's Day movie was not too easy! Most everything I could find was scary!! With freaky looking leprechaouns!
So I went with the green theme and remembered everyone's favorite conscience, Jiminy Cricket! I used my Happy St. Patrick's Day sign from Walmart and pulled out my shamrock headbands from Oriental Trading last year.
 I found this Jiminy Cricket off Ebay, "If you heart is in your dream, no request is to extreme."
 I've been making this super yummy Sheppard's Pie from Dixie Delights for a few years now, I think the gravy mixture really makes it taste so good. Its always a good dish, a layer of meat with gravy and ketchup and Worcestershire sauce, a few onions, then I use 2 packets of instant potatoes on top, then lots of cheddar cheese, bake and enjoy!!
 I think this is the perfect Cricket/St. Patrick's Day dessert, a Grasshopper Pie!! Its very silimiar to the one I used for 101 Dalmations night, I used a layer of mint Oreos and melted butter at the bottom, then a middle layer of chocolate pudding, then I topped it with 8 oz cream cheese mixed with 12 oz Cool Whip, some powdered sugar and green dye!
Daddy and Taylor to get the movie started!
"Always let your conscience be your guide"
 Riding the roller coaster and watching the movie!
 A puppet that turns into a real boy, WOW!!
Daddy and Taylor, and a can of Pringles, Tay loves them!
My 2 best Irish Blessings!
 A plate full of Sheppard's Pie & Pinocchio
"You must prove yourself brave, truthful and unselfish"
 Me & puffy cheeks!

 I was looking for a kiss cause I am Irish, no such luck!
I hope everyone enjoyed their St. Patrick's Day!!

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