Friday, March 17, 2017

Happy St. Patrick's Day, Lots of Green, & What I Wore

Irish you all a very Happy St. Patrick's Day!!
 My little leprechauns were looking so cute in their green this morning!
These green tees came from Target
 My parents are also celebrating a special day, 38 years of marriage!! Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! They are always positive, supportive, giving and keep laughing all these years!
My St. Patrick's Day attachement came for my Coton Colors Happy Everything plate, I love it!! This table runner came from Home Goods a few years ago as well as the candle holder. The green shamrock tassle came from Walmart, $2.00...SCORE!
But beware if you have a cat, PK loves to swat at it!
Enjoying another chocolate shamrock shake from McDonald's this week, so good! Still loving this cute tee from Sweet Baby Blue Boutique!
Two pans for brownies with cream cheese icing I put green food coloring in for the girls at school!
Enjoying some green brownie!
The green desserts don't stop there! We celebrated Kellie's birthday with a green velvet cake!
Hands up high if you are ready for the weekend!
If you are a cookie lover like me, head on over to Zoe's Kitchen, cause for $2 you can score a cookie the size of you hand!!! And its good!
Sometimes just cheese and bread make a yummy sandwich like this grilled cheese I ordered from Grouchey's Deli, except this had 3 different cheeses on it, it was good!! The pasta salad was good, excpet for the big hunks of onions in it, not a big fan in my pasta salad.
My crazy hair princess!! Gigi said this is how she wakes up looking! I thought she looked like Anna in Frozen too!!
Winter is still holding tight here in GA, this is my car 15 min after I had let it warm up, it was like a block of ice! Spring, where are you?!
Taylor likes to hang around in the bathroom with me while I am getting ready for bed, its nice to have a few moments with her alone, I feel I don't get that a lot. Since she is the more independent one I feel Nicole gets most of my attention, do other parents feel like this? Maybe it will change as Coco gets bigger.
Daddy was snoozing in bed when I took this, hes the first in bed and the last to get do Daddy's do this?!!!
Since its been so cold this week I pulled out this old sweater dress I got from 10 Dollar Mall years ago and I paired it with my trusty green vest and brown boots!
My favorite Lilly P pull over I usually wear with white pants but went with a blue skirt and loved it!
Love this super comfy bright pink maxi dress from Lolly Wolly Doodle! I paired it with my tassel necklace and brown boots. And of course tassel braclet!
With all that has gone on politically lately, hearing from millionaire celebs is not my most favorite thing, but its really refreshing to see a star using their fame for good. Cutie Ben Affleck posted this status on his Facebook page and I loved how open and honest he was about his struggle with alcohol. It can't be easy to share this, but talking about anything you have gone thru can be really helpful to others I believe. GO BEN!!

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  1. Thanks for the sweet anniversary wishes... can't wait for the next 38!!~