Monday, March 13, 2017

Moana Movie Night

Like so many  other families we spent Friday night watching Disney's new release...
 And it was just as good as I knew it would  be, we have watched it several times since then too!! I got several messages from other parents telling me they had just watched the movie that night too!
 I went with a tropical/beach theme! So colorful with some lei's and pineapple from
 Some yummy pineapple pizza with some pink flamingo's stuck in it!
 My beautiful tropical princess checking out all the pineapple food!
 Moana's people drank coconuts so we had our own version of Coke-a-nuts! I also put some put umbrella straws from Walmart in them.
 I got the girls these cute Moana shirts from Kmart, they wore them to school and loved them!
 To save some time I cooked this pineapple upside down cake the night before and boy is it it good and super easy! Instead of 1/2 stick of butter I did a whole and the cake flipped out great and the brown sugar is crispy where the butter is!! We are still enjoying this one!
 Nicole was not crazy about the lei so I had to  be quick with the pic!
 Gimmie your pizza!!
 Wishing we were on the beach with Moana!
 It truly is a Kodak moment to get a pic of my girls sitting still for anything, only a great Disney movie can do it!
 I couldn't get over how pretty the movie was, the ocean was so life like and all the bright colors are great to watch.
 Of course we had to cuddle up with the Moana blankets Aunt Karen and Uncle David gave the girls for Christmas!
 There were so many great quotes and theme's from the movie, this was one of my favorite's when Maui tells Moana she will have to muscle up! This is so true in life, not everything goes your way and you have to work really hard, everyday. I hope my girls learn this and expect this from their selves. Every day we have to muscle up!!
 If you are young, middle aged or older go get this movie! Its fantastic no matter your age you will love it!! You will never know how far you can go!

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