Friday, April 28, 2017

Uber Eats & What I Wore

This made me laugh!! I hope it does you too!!
My girls are at the age where sometimes they don't want any dinner and sometimes they want everything we don't have!! I think many parents cook multiple items for dinner cause of picky kids and once they get their plate ready and sit down, someone needs something, right?! Last week I downloaded the Uber Eats App and it was AWESOME!! There are only certain areas that do it, for example its not available in Cumming where we live, but its available is Roswell where I work, so I signed up and got my dinner delivered right to the lobby...SCORE!!
The app is just like Uber, you put your card number and it shows you where your driver is, when they arrive, a picture and name of them. For our first order we got Stax Burger.
 Here is how the food arrived and a vanilla & strawberry milkshake for dessert! You don't tip the driver but there is a $5 fee. Your first order you get $10 bucks off!!
 As an appitizer we enjoyed these yummy blue cheese chips, talk about yummy!! Crispy and tons of blue cheese, delish!!
 I got the cheddar bacon burger and Hubby got the nacho burger, he loved it!
 And we got a milkshake to share which was great too! This is defiantly a service I will be using again, its once less thing for me to have to do...SCORE!
 Nothing says spring like pretty flowers! I got this top years ago, its flows and sheer so I like to wear a tank under paired with my red pencil skirt.

Always look on the pink side of life!
I love bright pink and black together, this is an older Walmart top and pink pants from Amazon.
 Refuse to sink! This is my second skirt I got from Intagrammer Sarta Designs and they truly are my favorite skirts EVER!! So many cute designs, perfect length and an elastic waist, what more could a girl want? Oh yeah, POCKETS!!!
I wore this black and white sleeveless Lolly Wooly Doodle dress to Athens the other weekend, its lightweight fabric is perfect for warm games and it has a cute monogram. Of course UGA flip flops for extra comfort! 
 You may remember seeing this dress for Melanie's shower and Easter, I love it! Perfect pastel colors for spring, its from Lolly Wooly Doodle, its not monogrammed though. Buying all the matching Easter dresses almost broke me!
 Green and blue are so pretty together, coastal colors! This is a top and Walmart pencil skirt.
 New skirt alert! This front tie gray skirt is from Shein,it hits below the knee, I paired it with my black Walmart top and silver tassel necklace also from Walmart.
 The grass is always greener where you water it!
What do you think of these green jeans?! I was a little scared but ended up loving the outfit! I got the idea from Instagrammer Jennifer at Dimples and Tangles, if you don't follow her you should, she is all about color! These jeans came from Amazon and I paired them with my polka dot top from Walmart, Grace and Lace cami and a blazer Mom got me years ago. My tassel necklace is from Dixie Delights! 
 Does this dress make your eyes go every which way?!
Its my first order from Downeast Basics, a store in Utah and I loved it, so did everyone at work! the skirt flows and the fabric is like a comfy tee, check them out!
 You can never have too much pink right? I love this J Crew extra soft eyelet top, so pretty!
 Mom's, how true is this?! And it applies to using the bathroom too!!
 Some Friday Fun Giggles!!
My Sleeping Beauty, hopefully she looks like this for a while on Saturday morning!!
Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Warm Weather Fun

We have been enjoying some really pretty days outside lately, some days even pretty warm. My girls love playing in water so I got this new inflatable pool from Walmart, and they loved it! Poor Hubby got stuck blowing it up but it was much enjoyed!
Our little neighbor Emily helping Hubby fill the pool up straight from the cold water hose!
Emily was the first one to try it out!
Taylor is saying its cold! Doesn't bother Coco too much though!
"The cold never bothered me anyway"
When you are having so much fun playing your forget about the cold water!
The girls loved the pool and want to play in it everyday! I am sure it will be coming out again soon!
 Apple juice break for busy girls!
So good and sweet, just like Nicole XOXO
I think I am obsessed with her curly hair! I have always been a straight hair girl, so I don't know much about curly hair except how cute it is, especially when it gets wet! She gets this from Daddy XOXO
All this water play can make you tired, Coco took a break right on the drive way!
The next day we headed to Athens for the G Day game, but Taylor was more excited to stay and go to the COLD pool!
Of course she was not going in alone, Mommy braved the water and got in! I think the cold water would have frozen the rods in Daddy's back!!
I was not the only brave one that day, Granddaddy, Uncle David and Aunt Karen jumped in!
After the cold water we needed some warm cookies!
Hubby surprised us with some yummy Insomnia cookies, we all loved them!
Gigi was so sweet and took the girls to an Athens local playground while I got to stay home...SCORE!!
Looks like lots of fun!
Later that day we went on a walk around the complex, look at Nicole's face!
Say Cheese!!
We've been having lots of fun outside lately and are soaking it up before the GA heat makes it not so much fun!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Disney On Ice

Taylor was in for a HUGE surprise when Gigi and Granddaddy treated her and me to almost front row seats to Disney On Ice!!! This was our second year going and it was fantastic!! One of the best parts was having Granddaddy join us, he was all about The Mouse Bounce!
 Last year Princess Taylor dressed as Princess Elsa, this year she was the fairest one of all, Snow White!
 I ordered this Snow White shirt from Ebay and had my Disney across the shoulder purse
 Gigi spoiled us with this really up close seats, they were so good y'all!
 Snow White got this pretty light up snow flake toy
 And we shared a big lemonade in this cute Mickey Mouse glass
 Look at Taylor's face, she is excited!
 My beautiful princess
 Best Day Ever!!
 Minnie Mouse!!
The show had great music, dance, the only thing Taylor did not like was the firecrackers, Taylor was NOT a fan :-(
During intermission we picked up some cotton candy and...
This awesome Olaf hat for Granddaddy!!
How thrilled was he?!
He truly loves his grand very gogirl
After the show Taylor and I stopped by Waffle House for some lunch!
We don't go out to eat very much because Nicole is too young, so anytime I get to out with Taylor its really special!!
No doubt the best tasting and affordable waffles around!
 I can't think of a better reason to take a day off work then spending it with my princess. She did great and it was even better that Gigi and Granddaddy were there. I know it will be awesome when Coco is old enough to join us! Thank you Gigi for our special day, looking forward to next April, I know Granddaddy is already counting down!!