Thursday, March 23, 2017

Beauty and The Beast Movie & Small House Updates

It doesn't happen too much since we have had small kids, but over the weekend Hubby and I got to go out for a date! I've been counting down the days to see the new Beauty and The Beast movie and it was even more fantastic then I thought it would be!!
 I can't say enough great things about this movie, the music, the costumes, the romance, it was absolutely wonderful and a most see for any Disney lover! Go now and watch it!
 Since Belle's iconic dress is yellow and its my favorite color, I ordered this new yellow dress from I paired it with a red rose necklace and this AWESOME purse I found on Ebay. I think it was originally from Hot Topic, a little worn but big and perfect for the movie. Love that stained glass!
 The beautiful ballroom dance scene, LOVED it! Did you know The Beast did this dance on stilts?!
 Not sure if Hubby was enthusiastic about the movie as me, but he still went and said he liked it. Sounds like marriage :-)
Thanks to my sweet friend Katie for watching the girls for us so we could go out. Taylor always loves doing Snapchat with Katie, look at that silly girl!!
Katie is an awesome baby sitter and the girls always get excited to see her, we are so thankful for her!
 Keeping up with the Disney theme, the girls got super cute Frozen monogram tees from The Monkey and The Weasel this week. Catherine was having a sample sales and I scored this cute sister tees for these 2 cute sisters.
 Little Anna, so cute!
 I originally had this black frame hanging on my front porch during Christmas, but this year a strong wind blew it over and the glass broke. The frame was still good so I put a cute winter wonderland sign in it. Since its spring  now, I found this cute print I printed off from, its was $6 bucks...SCORE!
 A few blog posts ago I posted a pic of the shower curtain at my parents condo, how my Mom added a pretty valence over the curtain. So I decided to try it myself, here is the before and now...
What do you think?!
Its kind of a hard room to picture cause its so small but I ordered this purple valence from along with a new shower rod. I really like how it came out! Here are some other angles...
 This shower curtain has so many colors in it, I love all the options! I think the purple matched really nice!
 It's a super easy way to add some height in the bathroom and a nice girly touch, Taylor even said she liked it! I moved the Adventure Awaits pink mermaid I got at Pottery Barn over the towel racks (that's about to fall down...just keeping it real here!).
 I also added this new hanging basket from Home Depot. I think I am kind of getting done with real flowers and going with artificial. They are more expensive but I don't have a green thumb, all my flowers dry up and go brown pretty quick. This was they stay pretty and colorful all year! I am thinking I am going to get some more for the patio with we put our tent back up. I got this shepherds hook from Home Depot a few years ago and its held up great!
 Now that you have finished reading this little blog, go see the movie, you will not regret it!! And don't forget to get some popcorn, Coke and something sweet!!

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