Wednesday, August 31, 2016

High School Football & What I Wore

When thinking of the fall season just around the corner, one of the biggest things that comes to my mind is football season! Its still in the 90's here in GA so its not like you are sitting outside in comfortable weather yet, but it will be coming soon.
We live really close to West Forsyth High School so we dressed up in our navy and yellow and headed out to the game Friday night, we had a blast!
For all the complaining I do about traffic, one of my favorite things about where we live is the views! Sitting out watching the game you get a great view of Sawnee Mountain, picture perfect Friday Night Lights view!
Walking into the game you could smell the grill cooking and the drum line playing, love it!
We tried sitting in the less crowded area cause Taylor loves to run around!
We love supporting The Wolverine's!! Too bad Hugh Jackman is not around :-)
Walking out of the game we were all pretty sweaty but then but had a good time, and its only 3 minutes to get home...SCORE!
My new top from came in and I love it! Its a baby blue with a cute ruffle around the waist but not too tight. I paired it with my while capri's and Kmart wedges.
All these items for this outfit are 2 plus years old but thanks to Pinterest I got the idea to pair the black and white polka dots with a pink skirt my Mom got me a number of years ago and a $3 dollar necklace. Love making something old new again!
I've always wanted a Vineyard Vines gingham shirt, but its not really in my budget, I did find thing gingham shirt on line and its great! I think gingham always looks great in fall and with these colors I think I can use it for some UGA games or pair it with a bright colored vest. I paired it with my Etsy monogram necklace.
Another great score from SheIn.come under $12! I thought this comfy tee would like great with a dark denim skirt or jeans for cooler weather.
I love white cloths but they can be tricky to wear cause I don't want to be showing my under garments. I got this white pencil skirt and the fabric is pretty thick so it gives good coverage but you can still see a little bit so I paired it with this longer navy polka dot tank top I got from Walmart for $5. Since its a tank I wore a navy cardigan on for work and topped it with a skinny red belt. I also wore my super cute Dixie Delights tassel necklace since its navy and white.


Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Standing up, growing up!

Look closely at the picture below, notice anything different with Nicole?!
Its kind of hard to see right here, but she is standing up by herself!! Here is a better one!
Look at this big girl!! I am so proud of her, she is growing up and will running around soon trying to keep up with her big sister! Side note, please ignore this large pile of laundry. This is not mine. Its my husbands. Since I already do 3/4 people who live in our house laundry, he does his own.
I recently saw on Facebook how one of my friend's son was working at Marie's Italian Delia, we always love trying new things, especially something different then a traditional chair restaurant and this one did not disappoint!
I could tell right when I walked in there was a lot of charm! This cute chalkboard greets you with their special then a big cupcake case sits right beside it, I was in heaven, and it smelled so good!
Hubby ordered Randy's Hot Pastrami, he said it was great and served with a big pickle!
I came home with Dominic's Italian Muffaletta, it was huge but filled with all kinds of yummy goodness!
It had this olive spread that was great!
If you live in the Cumming area I defiantly recommend trying Marie's, I hope we will be back soon!!

Cumming 400 Shopping Center, 580 Atlanta Rd, Cumming, GA 30040
I just love this picture of Taylor eating some ice cream, isn't that what being a kid is all about?!


Monday, August 29, 2016

Movie Night with Babe

Another new week is here, I am counting down the days until the long weekend! A much deserved day off for all the hard workers out there!
Our movie this week was Babe! Oink! Oink!
I didn't have an actual Babe toy but we did have a couple of other pigs around the house, I brought in Pricilla and Peppa Pig!
We enjoyed some Muddy Puddles, AKA Hunt's Snack Pack puddings! I love these things and even pack in my lunch at work, don't tell anyone!
Some crunch honey BBQ Piggy Tales, AKA Fritos twists!
Some bacon for BLT's, are you thinking this is just wrong? I will admit it was hard when I saw that cute little baby pig on the movie screen!
Show time!
My first little piglet
My baby piglet
We always love having movie nights, especially when its a cute little piggy!
Once a month I help keep the 3/4 year old class during church hour its always fun and Taylor has a small class, so its not stressful :-) I took both girls myself so I was proud we even made it on time, victory! I love this rainbow dress on Taylor, she is my rainbow baby
Nicole was doing a little Sunday reading before we left
Taking 2 kids anywhere by yourself deserves a treat, its off to Dairy Queen we went for an afternoon ice cream!
Sometimes its hard to beat a good hot fudge Sundae, yummy!!


Friday, August 26, 2016

Fall Bucket List and a little fall decor

Although I tried holding off until this weekend, I couldn't help myself. I gave in the other night. Its just too exciting. I decorated for fall!!
Not a ton but just a little! 
Hey, its very rare for my to have any free time at the house, I had to take advantage of my girls playing together allowing me to pull out some apple cider candles and a table runner!
I just love all the warm colors and sweet smells. Plus it takes me a long time to complete any home project with the girls so I have found doing a little here and there helps to get it done. With the new patio cover I have been thinking about fall decor, my Mom helped me big time by scorning a serving cart at an antique store she loves, I can't wait to see it and set up a little apple cider or hot cocoa station, thanks Mom! I don't have much money for anything new so I found some scrap wood in our garage and left over wall paint and just made a cute little sign to put on the patio:
I just painted the wood then took a black sharpie and wrote out autumn blessings, then took some craft paint and traced over it. Very simple and affordable.
If you follow along on this blog you may remember our summer bucket list. With my hubby being in the hospital the majority of the summer, a lot of it did not get done sadly. But a new season brings a new chance so I created a fall bucket list!
We are hoping for camp outs, football games, pumpkins, apple picking, Starbucks, pretty mums, chili night and warm coffee to warm the soul.
But seeing that its still hot and summer here in GA, the tomatoes are still delish! So I cooked up some caprese salad and bruscheeta, very yummy and good!
For me the mornings are the most stressful time, its a race every morning to try to get everyone ready and fight traffic to make it on time. But morning giggles make everything alright. Isn't she just the cutest?!
I can't remember if I shared this pic already, but I just love having a little extra time at night to play with Taylor. Nicole is in bed at 8 PM sharp, Taylor not so much. One night we went outside on the patio, just the 2 of us and had some cookies. It was perfect. I hope you all have a safe and happy weekend!!


Thursday, August 25, 2016

IHOP, Monkey Joe's, & what I wore

When I heard IHOP was doing $1 short cake stacks Tuesday night, you know I marked it in my calendar.!What in the world could get us to take 2 little kids to a public restaurant? Pancakes of course!
I ordered Nicole a short stack, but she was more into the saltine crackers.
Even as a little girl I have always loved all the different flavored syrups IHOP has at the tables, but I also stick to the maple flavor!
Are the pancakes ready yet?!
Hubby ordered this yummy strawberry splasher, its like a Fanta, very good!
An extra special pancake for Taylor girl, I think I was as excited as she was to see this happy face!
I took the girls to Monkey Joe's Sunday since they were good at church and got Nicole in the bounce house, she loved it! Stay still for the picture CoCo!!
Nicole tries to do everything her big sister does, its so cute! One day she will be able to keep up!
Two little monkeys
Is it nap time yet?!
A special strawberry Hello Kitty ice cream to cool us down!
Look who is learning to ride the school bus!
Bath time can be hit or miss with these 2, sometimes they cry and sometimes they are having so much fun they don't want to get out!
If you are a Lilly lover like me I hope you scored some great deals at the after party sale! It took me an hour to get in Monday morning online, but once I did I got 4 great items and I can't wait to share them!!
I'm the kind of person that if I don't write something down, I will forget it. So I find keeping a to do list is the best along with my desk calendar at work. I keep my grocery list, ideas, and other items in this little book. The one I am using now is almost filled up so my new one came in from Dixie Delights and I LOVE it!! The cute pineapples and matching pen make any list lots of fun to do!
This new blouse came in from and its great for the office. I love the peach color and pretty details around the neck, an elegant top for the work day.
I got this dress this summer from Lolly Wolly Doodle, I love how comfy it is and the paisley print. Not crazy about their shipping time, plan on at least a month, but the beautiful monogram makes it worth the wait!!