Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Avery's Birthday Party, 8 Is Great!!

Our sweet niece Avery celebrated her 8th Birthday over the weekend and we had a blast partying with her! She is so smart, funny, beautiful and a great big cousin.

Here she is at 5 months old, she was one of the flower girls in our wedding, I see a lot of Nicole in her!
And fast forward 8 years here is the beautiful birthday girl! She loves the movie Trolls and had a Trolls theme party! Her Mom and her made some super cute Troll hats!
All her friends enjoyed some pizza, grapes, Capri Sun and chips, perfect party food!
Our little Coco who turned 18 months old the day of the party was ready to celebrate in her Trolls shirt!
Big hugs for the birthday girl!
Avery is a cheerleader so we naturally had her party at a big gym she uses to practices gymnastics at, it was great! Lots of space to run around in!
Fast as fast can be, you will never catch me!
Hand stands with Daddy! Look at that boy catching air in the background!!
All Avery's sweet friends
Getting ready to blow out her candles!
May all your wishes come true sweet girl!!
I got the girls shirts from, Avery said I HAVE to do a Trolls movie night so stay tuned!!
We had a great time celebrating Avery, she has become such a bright and kind little lady. She has already gone thru challenges and changes in her life and she has stayed just as lovely, I know that kind of attitude and strength will help her throughout her life.
Happy Birthday Avery Lane, love you! Aunt Lindo XOXO


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