Thursday, March 2, 2017

Simple Joys

We have defiantly had an eventful week so far!! Starting Monday we had sick little Nicole who is feeling better now, Dr. Seuss week at school with all kinds of dress up theme's I can't wait to share with you, a big wind rain storm that came in yesterday that almost blew our tent away and some fun new decor I have been putting out for St. Patrick's it Friday yet? But thru it all there have been a lot of simple joys I want to share with you!
 I am getting so excited about the new Disney movie Beauty and The Beast that is coming out in just a few weeks!! I loved the original movie and thought Belle had the most beautiful voice. Plus it a great theme to never judge a book by its cover. That is something I need to work on myself! True beauty lies within.
I already had these white frames with pictures of Baby Taylor, although I loved them and still have them, I didn't want Baby Nicole feeling left out so I decided to make a little Beauty and The Beast wall, what do you think??!!
I ordered the 3 prints from Etsy as well as the Minnie Ears that I will be taking with me one day when I go to Disney World!! It's on my 40th bucket list!
I just saw today Target's new line of girls Beauty and The Beast dresses and I want to get them SO bad for the girls!! They have a blue and white one that is gorgeous but at $25 each it may have to wait until next payday, I will keep you posted!
Tale as old as time XOXO
 Taking it all in and checking everything out!
Have you tried Starbucks new cookie bar?! If you haven't you should cause its delicious!!
 My sweet friend Katie gifted me this beautiful monogram mug and necklace, I love them so much! In fact I have been using my new mug almost every morning, its really big and so pretty, a perfect way to start the work day, thanks Katie!!
You may remember me mentioning one of our favorite lunch places, Never Enough Thyme, its in Alpharetta and is so good. One of the best ICU nurses we met last summer, her husband owns it. I was able to stop by there for lunch, lucky me and I tried this yummy white wine, pesto and cheese pasta, divine!
Pictures of kids eating is never pretty to look at but I had to share this to prove it! While at Never Enough Thyme I picked up my favorite dish they make, the Poppy seed Chicken, its pre-made in the fridge. I could seriously eat an entire casserole dish of this stuff and was enjoying a bowl of it when Coco stepped in and starting eating it, she LOVED it! Who is this child? I definitely need to swing by and pick up some more!
I don't know how Ms. Sarah does it, but she somehow manged to braid Nicole's hair, say what?! Nicole would NEVER sit still long enough for me to do this, but for Ms. Sarah she will cause Ms. Sarah is AWESOME!!
If you took my heart out of my chest this is what it would look like!
Isn't she Pawfert?!
Check out her new spring kicks, they even light up!!
Tuesday nights are defiantly my favorite now for TV, The Middle and This is Us both come on. I dare you to try to watch This is Us and not love it, you can't! Its just too good!!
Not sure if you can see this picture really good, but Tuesday night I was relaxing with Hubby watching This is Us and Taylor asked to watch TV with us, look to the left side of the picture in the mirror, see Taylor cuddling with Daddy, oh my heart XOXO
Hands Up!!
Running & Playing!
My brother might be the biggest UGA fan there is, he follows them in football, basketball and baseball and loves them all. But being a UGA is not for the weak of heart. Here he is with the biggest optimist Chuck Dowdle AKA Kool Aid. This picture is the best ever and makes me laugh so much, isn't that what its all about?!
After watching the State of the Union address Tuesday night!!!

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  1. Love CoCo's braid... I'm going to have to try that!