Monday, March 6, 2017

St. Patrick's Day Decor

Happy Monday Everyone! It's never easy starting a new work week (although I find Thursday's harder, I think its just cause I am worn out) but I thought this would make you smile which is always a good way to start the day off:
 Love ya Mom and Dad!
I've been putting up lots of green around the house I wanted to share with you all. I am almost done, just a few more things I am waiting to be shipped, but so far here is what we luck of the Irish looks like at our home!
 LUCKY me this beautiful cabinet from Aunt Sarah is green so it goes perfect with all my St. Patrick's Day decor! I changed my chalkboard to read LUCKY to have you and I got this cute shamrock garland from Walmart. The runner is a couple of years old, it came from Home Goods.
 The wood sign was a Home Goods find too. These pretty little white flowers came from Nicole's room and I tied a green ribbon around the vase.
 I took this picture at the beginning of the month but have changed the pantry door wreath to a long sign I will share soon. I am really wanting a set of green mugs to display but for now I just have my white ones and I tied another green ribbon around the marshmallow jar.
 I filled my green bowl up with my favorite k cups, Irish Creme Hot Cocoa, its SO good! LUCKY me gets to enjoy them every morning.
 I used the same Walmart clover garland (only a $1 each...SCORE!) to hang across the dining room chest. I also moved that clover cloth wreath from the pantry door to here, much better!
 Trying to use what I already have, I pulled out my green monogram letter P I hang up for Christmas and tied an orange ribbon around it for some Irish colors!
 It's not the easiest to see, but I switched my white twinkle lights for some green ones that came from Target along with this Irish bunting! Its pretty cool at night, Taylor loves the green lights!
 I also hung this wooden St. Patty's welcome sign up but the garage door, this little cutie has been with me for over 10 years, I first got it when I was living in a cabin in Dahlonega, that is right, me in a cabin! Can you believe it, its a long time ago but it was beautiful! The experience, not so much. I mean being along in the woods can be pretty scary. Maybe I will share more about that later :-)
 Here is our front door with a beautiful monogram door hanger I got from Etsy, an Irish bunting and I tied some green ribbon around my little lamps on each side of the door. This made me smile, while I was outside hanging this stuff up, my neighbor across the street said hello and told me how much he enjoyed all my decorations, it made my day! I am LUCKY to have such sweet neighbor's!
 And I didn't just stop at my home, I wear my Irish spirit to work too!! I got this comfy tee from SweetBabyBlueBoutique, I just love the monogram with clovers, its my new LUCKY tee!!

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  1. Go for the GREEN!!! And, it's great for the Master's next month too! ~