Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Some Updates Around The House & FroYo

I have been trying this year to really use items around my house to decorate with first before purchasing anything new. One reason is cause with 2 kids in daycare we have no money! The second reason is after a few years in our home I have started a good collection of seasonal decor I can use over and over again. One of my first projects I have been so excited to do was an update in Taylor's room.
 A little back story on this desk first, it belonged to my cousin Suzanne. I remember growing up we would visit Aunt Sarah and Uncle Bob many times thru year like on Easter and Christmas Eve. Uncle Bob was my Grandmother's brother and they had a daughter Suzanne who had special needs. I bring this up as a testament to a parents love. Whenever I was over there, Aunt Sarah and Uncle Bob never once complained about their situation. Suzanne needed full time care with everything from eating, dressing and bathing her entire life. Aunt Sarah and Uncle Bob did it all with happy hearts and no extra help. They actually out lived their daughter, I believe she passed away in her mid 30's. Suzanne received excellent care her entire life and I think that is why she lived as long as she did. Being a Mom now, I wish I could talk to Aunt Sarah again and find out how in the world she did this. Was she angry at first? Did she blame herself? How many times did she want to give up? How did she stay so positive?
When I think about them as parents, it puts the things I complain about in perspective. Sure Nicole being sick is stressful with work, but it passes in a few days and she is happy and healthy again. I need to remember this more often and not stress as much!
So back to the dresser:-)
I've been using it as a changing table since Taylor was a baby and once she got out of diapers it became a table to dump clean laundry!!
Until this weekend....
 This beautiful desk opens up into a perfect vanity, is it not the cutest thing? I can't believe I was fortunate enough to inherent her bedroom set, thanks family! Mom made the seat cover out of a pillow case a few years ago with a cute ruffle. I turned her wipes basket into a hair brush basket with her spray. I had this pink vase and flowers from my Valentine's decor and a pretty pink frame next to it. I hope Taylor enjoys this for many years, her own little space to get ready, every girl needs that :-) 
And the best part I spent no money out of pocket, Hubby loved that!
 I updated my fireplace with some green St. Patty's decor! I got the wreath and garland from Walmart. The shamrocks wood sign came from Home Goods a few years ago, along with the green sparkle candle box holder. My green box wreath Mom gifted me looks perfect with all the green decor!
You may remember earlier this week I mentioned I got some green St. Patrick's Day from Target, here is what they look like at night!
 Talk about a long sign!! You should have seen Hubby's face when I hung this one up, but I  love it! It was like $4 from Walmart...SCORE!!
 I've had this cute Hot Biscuits sign hanging up above the pantry door, I love it but thought it was too small by itself. Enter a new cute sign...
 It reads the secret ingredient is love, I thought it was perfect for the kitchen!
 One of the best things about all the different holidays is all the different food! I picked up some mint green Oreo's and Lucky Charms, perfect my little leprechauns!
 I hung up this Lucky banner and added this Happy St. Patrick's Day sign, both from Walmart on my loft dresser. Simple but fun update!
 This cute was sign was under $10 bucks! Our wedding photos were not :-)
 While Taylor was at the circus we got some along time with Baby Nicole and treated her to some FroYo, yum!! We went to The Chill Hill in Vickery Village, its really cute and has a great place for kids to run around! I got the white chocolate mousse, salted caramel yogurt and topped it with cherries, peanut butter and cookie dough!!
 Daddy and Coco chillaxing!
 Weekend relaxation!
 No need to spoon feed myself, Nicole will do it!
 I'm one lucky Mommy XOXO

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