Monday, April 3, 2017

Spring Pictures and Happy Gilmore Movie Night

Welcome to April everyone!
So many signs of spring have popped up recently, longer days, pollen everywhere, tornado warnings and the girls school spring pictures!! I look forward to these every year, they take them in March and September, although they are not cheap I treasure them!!
 How cute are these 2 cuties?! 
I think they are the prettiest girls in the world!!
I got these super cute flower dresses from Kmart and brown sandals from Target!
 My big girls looking so lovely!
 Look at those big & beautiful eyes, just like her Daddy!
 Look at that pose!! She knows what she is doing, working it!
 My baby girl is getting bigger every day, she is getting really close to talking I think!! She can say a couple of words and answer yes and no to questions you ask her!
These little girls are the loves of my life, I am beyond blessed to be their Mommy.
Since the start of April also means The Masters, our movie night had a golf theme with the super funny...
 Happy Gilmore!! This movie is so funny, although it does have some not so kid friendly words in it, I don't think our girls noticed. They were too busy playing with their new gold clubs!
Her practice swing!
The Master's is known for their cheap and delicious egg salad sandwich and my personal favorite pimento cheese sandwich. I LOVE a good pimento cheese sandwich on toasted white bread, yum!
 I made my sandwiches with this Arnold country sourdough bread, I thought it was golfer approriate!
One of my all time favorite drinks, The Arnold Palmer!! I love sweet tea, I love lemonade, this is SO good! I picked up the Country Time half and half at Walmart, so good!
A donut hole-in-one for dessert!
Check out this cute little golfer! Next step is the green jacket :-)
Wave your hands like you just don't care!! Party time!!
How creepy was Ben Stiller in this movie?! That mustache!
 An 18 month old with a golf club, this makes me nervous.
My favorite character, Chubbs!! That arm!!
Daddy and Taylor getting ready to chow down!
Heeheee!!!! Hubby has the Chubbs arm!
 This is a picture from The Masters Instagram feed, if you don't follow them you should! I am not really into the game of golf, but the pictures of the greens, flowers, and food is so pretty to look at. My Dad and brother love golf so this is one of their favorite weeks for sure. No surprise its in GA, the most beautiful state in the world!
 I wanted to share a little pick of my dog Gizmo who would have been 13 years old today. As you can see, this was his 7th birthday, he had a little brownie to celebrate. I think about my little buddy a lot and miss him. He was so cute & very loyal. Happy Bday Giz XOXO

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  1. Precious pics of the girls... we treasure the ones you sent & they have a place of honor, all over our house! Can't wait for the Masters this week, your dad says "the recliner is calling his name!"~