Monday, March 27, 2017

Trolls Movie Night

A few weeks ago my niece Avery told me I have to do Trolls for our next movie night, she loves the movie! She was completely right, its really cute!! And the music is great!
 After posting our movie night on Facebook, I heard from parents saying how much their kids loved this movie! Its so bright and colorful!
 You may recognize these hats from Avery's party pictures, they were so cute I re-used them and got this cute Poppy the Troll doll from Ebay.
 Look, a real like Troll!! She looked just like Poppy!
 The food was bright, sparkly and easy! I just made a funfetti cake the night before with some neon pink vanilla icing and sprinkles, just like the color of Poppy' hair!
 I had to be quick with this pic! Coco is not too crazy about the Troll hat!
 Daddy Troll and Taylor Troll
 I joined in the action too, like my blonde troll hair?!
 Mom, look at all the Trolls!!
 "I got that sunshine in my pocket
Got that good soul in my feet"
Love this song, go JT!!
 My tiny Troll

 Selfie x 2!!
 We've watched the movie a few more times since we got it, and been to 2 Trolls birthday parties in 2 weeks, its defiantly one the kids will love!!

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