Friday, March 24, 2017

Simple Joys & What I Wore

Are you ready yet for a fun weekend? I know I sure am!! You know at 5 PM I will be sprinting out the door at work! It has been a fun week with lots of little simple joys, here are some of my favorites:
 Hubby makes some of the best guacamole, its my favorite anywhere! I don't exactly know what he does, but he adds avocados, sour cream, salsa, lime and salt. Just hand me a bag of chips to dip and I am a happy girl.
 Nicole looking lovely in her Strawberry Shortcake that use to be Taylor's, hello to my 80's childhood! I got this dress from Ebay when Taylor was a baby, its super cute and super soft. This is her face when I was telling her to get in the car, she just kind of looks at me, smiles and runs in the other direction!
 My friend Janet posted this on Facebook and I told her I could have BINGO multiple times with this card, I do all of these!! Except class picture day, I haven't forgot that YET!
 When publicly insulting someone and their family its important to check your spelling or word usage to make sure its correct. Chelsea is a JEANous!!
 This picture from Instagram caught me eye, I think its creepy and cool at the same time. It was taken by a camp fire.
 My sweet girls painting the drive way with water :-)
Look at Coco in those little shorts with her little legs, I can't even!! Precious!
 Check out this yummy meal Hubby made for us, yellow rice and soft tacos with chicken, its great coming home to a delicious meal. I took this pic with Nicole on my hip, as soon as I took it she barfed. Milk. On my shirt, arm, pants and food. 
 How much fun does this inflataBULL rodeo bull look?!
I ordered this chicken gyro and Diet Coke from Foodsby this week at work, it was so good!! Love that tzatziki sauce!
Daddy & Taylor sitting outside after a busy day enjoying the pretty day XOXO
I love Martha White's muffin mix, its super cheap and so good. This the strawberry mix, just add milk and bake. When it comes out of the oven I like to add some butter on top, so good!
I started the first day of spring with some bright pink, Lilly P print skirt and white button down. I paired it with my hot pink necklace.
We enjoyed some temps in the 80's this week so it was the perfect time to try out my new Lilly P short!! My first pair and I LOVE them! Super comfy with the elastic waist, I will be wearing these all spring/summer!
Mom gave me this silver and navy necklace for Christmas and I used it as outfit inspiration, I got this navy dress from Walmart 4 years ago and paired it with this gray cardigan from Target.
I love the black and hot pink look! So I paired this black and white gingham from and these hot pink pants from Amazon, love the color combo!
Friday is the best work day ever, right? We can dress more casual so I wore my favorite Tangled tee and white shoed. Speaking of Tangled, don't forget to tune into the new Disney show tonight at 7:30 PM, we have it recorded!!
Have a great weekend and thanks for keeping up with me!

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