Monday, November 20, 2017

Atlanta Botanical Gardens, Christmas Kitchen and Donuts

When I took Wednesday off to attend the girls Thanksgiving parties, we ended up finishing around 1 PM, enough time for me to surprise them with a trip to The Atlanta Botanical Gardens to see the Christmas trains!!
Having a day off during the week is a treasure so I try to make the most of the time I have, I think this is our 3rd time going to the trains, one year Uncle G even went with us!
It ended up being a beautiful fall day here in GA, perfect to walk around the gardens in, as you can see they already had their garland out, as well as their gorgeous Christmas décor in lights. Side note, the ABG are NOT CHEAP. Its a special treat to get in and kids don't get much of a discount.
Once we got into the gate we stopped by the family restroom, these things are wonderful and I wish every place had them!! A very nice lady offered to take our pic...cheese!!
There are loads of lights to see in the gardens, and frogs!
The girls loved this pond and the big white lights in the background
This is defiantly the coolest and prettiest tree I have ever seen, its totally pink!!
Did Lilly P plant this?!
So many pretty poinsettias!
The poinsettia tree
They had these cute gingerbread cut outs, great for pictures!
These trains are so neat to watch!
All these trains are so detailed and festive
Train crossing ahead!
Fun filled day with my girls!

Here is the beautiful fountain outside the gardens.

We all had a great time together, I am so thankful for days like these!
Now for some Christmas décor in our kitchen!
This colorful tree use to be in our loft, but I purchased a new one this year and moved this one into the kitchen corner and love it! It fits perfectly and really makes the room feel cozy.
I got this cute camper from Home Goods last year and this drift wood Santa was a gift from Aunt Sue. I also took down my white pumpkins and put pieces of my Christmas village on the red shelves. My Aunt Judy gave me her collection, Aunts are the best!!
I used my blanket scarf as the tree skirt, its was like $5 bucks from Walmart and I love the plaid.
Have you been by Dunkin Donuts lately? If not you should because they have the holiday flavors out! These 2 are gingerbread and sugar cookie, the plate is from World Market.
The girls fighting with each other has seemed to really increase lately!
I think its a mixture of Nicole starting to talk more, their ages and both are strong willed for sure!
But with that their sweetness and love for each other has gotten stronger, there is no one else Nicole wants to be more like this Taylor, she wants to do everything Taylor does & everyday they see each at pick up, they get so excited. And sometimes they let me take a cute pic like the one above XOXO

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Girls Thanksgiving Parties & Christmas Banister

This week has been filled with lots of fun and food with the girls Thanksgiving parties and my own Thanksgiving pot luck at work. Its been a lot to do but its been fun, so here are some pics from all the festivities!!
The night before the girls parties I made some pumpkin cream cheese chocolate chip muffins, then put them in sandwich bags with these cute thankful tags from Dixie Delights Etsy shop. I wanted to do something special for all the teachers that do so much for my girls everyday, we are truly thankful for all they do!
As a working parent, my days off are truly valuable to me, we have a certain number per year so I try to save as much as I can for the end of the year so I can be at parties and concerts. I took Wednesday off and I had so much fun. Nicole's party started at 11 so I got to enjoy lunch with her first, my little butterball!
A cute little Thanksgiving table set up for all the yummy food
Having an awesome time!
Next up was Taylor's Thanksgiving performance and lunch! Her Indian name was Purple Cat XOXO
Both my little turkeys
Purple Cat!
Her favorite party of all the yummy homemade food, cookies of course!
If you follow me on Instagram, I hope you saw all the video's of her performance, I was so proud of her!
You all know I love holiday tee's, so this one was perfect for Thanksgiving, it says Thankful, Grateful and Blessed which I am everyday.
Plus is loose fitting!!
For my Thanksgiving Pot Luck, AKA the best lunch of the year, I made this copy cat Cracker Barrel Chocolate Chip Pecan Pie and an Egg Nog Pie
My buddy Donna carving the turkey!
I ate SO much today you guys, and I loved every second!!
Now I want to take a nap!
I've been working on my bannister for Christmas at our house, this table that holds all the girls Santa pics is the one I love the most. Its like a trip down memory lane!
I am loving my new Spireside Candle in Yule Ball, it smells great, like ever green! The wooden Santa sign and birdhouse came from Walmart.
And all our Santa pics thru the years, I treasure them all!!
Ho! Ho! Ho!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Creamy Corn Chowder & Master Bath Christmas Decor

Nothing beats a warm bowl of soup on a cold day in my opinion! I recently made this corn soup, its creamy and very good! The recipe came from Pinterest on the website:

2 Tablespoons butter, divided
1 Teaspoon Italian Blend Seasoning
2 Medium Sized Potatoes, diced (I used 2 cans and drained them)
One Can Cream of Chicken Soup
½ Small onion, diced
1 Can Cream Style Corn
3 Cans of Milk (use the empty soup can to measure)
One Can Whole Kernel Corn
Add all ingredients into a crock pot, cook on low for 8 hours and enjoy!
Not the best picture but here is what mine looked like served with some French bread, very good!
Now on to some more Christmas décor! I wanted to share our master bath room with you today, its not much but I love it!
This wreath has been through many different colored bows to match the bathroom, this year I got a new white one that I love! I found it on Ebay for $6. Gigi got me this wreath a few years ago and I hung it up with some pretty white ribbon. I have a few more decorations to add to the bathroom I will share soon!
Coco is not a fan of getting dressed in the morning, she would rather stay in her pjs all day and who could blame her?! Or at least keep them on her head like in the pic above :-)
Here is a real life pic I wanted to share, just me and the girls eating dinner that was all heated up in the microwave. Mac and cheese and grits, but it works for us and its fun sometimes just to eat whatever is easiest and watch an episode of Peppa Pig, oink oink!!

Monday, November 13, 2017

Weekend in Columbus & Christmas in our Master Bedroom

Welp, after my post Friday about the GA/Auburn game, as you already know, it didn't exactly turn out the way I had hoped, it stunk and I hate that it came from Auburn.
But as in life, they will have to pull themselves together this week and come back stronger against Kentucky. Even though the game was a heartbreaker, our trip to Columbus was lots of fun. Before we headed south we had some family pics takes at The Buford Dam, I can't wait to get them back but we had a cool surprise when we saw a mule!
Along with a mule we also saw a goat and deer!
Here is Taylor and our awesome photographer Mrs. Lilly making their way down to the bridge!
Here is Taylor over dam
The next morning the girls did some fishing at Lake Oliver in Columbus
Ready for the big game with the cute black and white striped Old Navy dress layered with my buffalo check vest Gigi got me. And of course I stopped by Starbucks to pick up 2 seasonal frappacionos for Mom and me!
Gigi and her girls ready for the game to start!!
The game was not pretty, but Mom's fall mantel sure is!!
And here is where we jump from football to Christmas décor, ready for a fun sleigh ride?!
Since early November I have been packing up Halloween and fall and pulling out all my Christmas décor, I love this time of year!! Here is what I have so far, its a work in progress but our mater bedroom white tree still remains a favorite after 4 years! Its from Walmart and goes perfect in our bedroom which is gray and white also.
Another view of the tree, the skirt came from my sister in law a few years ago.
Here is a picture of our master bedroom fireplace, most all the items came from Walmart a few years ago and are still holding up, love the soft velvet stockings!
And I couldn't close out with out a special shot out to all the Veterans over the weekend and everyday, THANK YOU for all you sacrifice and give so that we can enjoy so many freedom's as Americans!!
I hope you enjoy the start of a fun holiday season!!

Friday, November 10, 2017

What I Wore

Friday, Fri-nally!!!
Everyone ready for the weekend, I know I am excited! Big game for our Dawgs tomorrow against Auburn, no one I would rather beat then the War Eagles, but it will be a challenge for sure...
A great picture from my FAVORITE GA game ever, the 2007 GA Blackout, that night was electric and so much fun, lets beat them again DAWGS!!
Fall is official here in GA with nice temps all week, here are some outfits I put together for work:
Another great Thread Up find from Old Navy, this dress was only $8 and I paired it with some navy leggings, I love blue and yellow combo!
This outfit combo came straight from Pinterest, I just searched purple pencil skirt outfit and multiple ideas came up. I loved the purple and yellow combo.
I didn't wear this one to work, but I wish I could!!
I got this cozy top from and comfy pants from Target and my JCrew slippers Mom got our family, so cozy!
I got this cute plaid button down from Target (take note online shopper they are awesome and started the FREE SHIPPING on everything this week until after Xmas, hoping Walmart will follow). I paired it with my navy vest from Amazon and my new American Eagle black leggings that were on sale for $8 bucks...SCORE!
Another Thread Up win, I got this yellow Old Navy dress and paired it with a brow cardigan from Target!
This brown striped monogrammed dress came from Lolly Wolly Doodle and the green vest came from Charlotte Russe a few years ago, a fall staple!
We are taking the girls 5 and 2 year old pics today, I got this comfy maroon sweater dress from Old Navy and this gold necklace from Charming Charlie's.
Wish you all a Happy Weekend, enjoy it!!!