Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Zoo World at Panama City Beach

My plan before we left for vacation was to keep the girls as busy as possible and I think we did a really good job, especially with Gigi's help! Our second day we visited the cutest little zoo called Zoo World, it was great! But first some breakfast with a view...
 No matter what the cereal, it always tastes better looking at the ocean, right?!
 We loaded up the van with Gigi and made our way, it was only about 10 minutes from our hotel
 Zoo World!!
 Big stuffed tiger!! Can you imagine Granddaddy's face if we had come back with that?!
The 10 minute drive really wore Coco out!
 Prairie Dogs!
 We love exploring
 So much fun getting to feed the little bunnies
All the cute bunnies XOXO

 After the bunnies we made our way into the bird house were you could feed them!
 They gave us these Popsicle sticks covered in bird seed to use
 This may have been Taylor's favorite part of the trip, a bird sat and ate some of the bird food she was holding!
 Look who woke up!
 Checking out some monkeys!
 Making silly faces
 It was pretty hot for sure (FL in July...obvious right?!) so we stopped for a yummy Icee!
 Making memories with Gigi!
 Taylor got a special treat, Pat The Bunny in real life!
 My least favorite animals, SNAKES!
 Feeding the fish!
 If you are in the PCB area definatly check out Zoo World:
9008 Front Beach Rd, Panama City Beach, FL 32407
Its a lot of fun for kids and bigger kids!
A special thanks to Gigi for all her help, it was really hot but Gigi hung right in with us and helped so much with the girls, we had a great time!! 

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

2017 Beach Vacation

We had a great week visiting Panama City Beach with the girls and our extended family! We have been going to PCB since I was a little girl staying at the same place, a very nice hotel called The Palmetto. Its really cool to see my girls now enjoying just like I did and still do! So here are some pics of our trip down and first day!
 With a really nice work discount we were able to rent a big van and the girls loved it! They were all about the sliding doors!
 Family vacation, here we come!
 We cut our trip down in half be leaving Monday night and staying at my parents Columbus, GA house, from there is was only like 3 hours to PCB. All parents know there are many stops along the way with kids, we did get to see a long train go by which was neat!
 Looking cool in Daddy's hat!
 We are here!!
 Beach Beauty!
 Nicole is not a big fan of the sand, she wanted to be held!
 Loving the ocean this year, especially with her new boat!
 Swimming everywhere!
 Chilling on the balcony
 Oh yeah!! Ice Cream break time!
 Family pic!
 No alarm clock to wake us up...SCORE!
 Our water girl
 Swimming with my girl
 Cudding with my other girl
 There is something special about swimming at night time, especially with ice cream!
 A lovely view from our balcony, so pretty!!
Our first few days were fun filled and we did a lot more I can't wait to share with you all tomorrow!

Monday, July 24, 2017

Pre K, Birthday Parites, and Hot Tomato Grits

Greetings everyone!! My family is back from a wonderful beach vacation at Panama City! We had a great time and I can't wait to share with you all of our adventures! So lets dive into some things that have been going on around here, one the things I am most excited about...
 A DECREASE in our daycare monthly payment!!!
Yes friends, after 5 years we finally got a good discount in our monthly payment since Taylor is starting Pre K next week, OH HAPPY DAY!!!
 You know you are married to a math teacher when he keeps notes on how to solve his Rubik's cube XOXO
 Although I am TOTALLY jealous of my Hubby when he get 2 months off during this summer, I can only wish!!
But one of the benefits of me working and him being off during July is he gets to take Taylor to her annual dentist visit...Eek!!
As you might imagine with a 4 year old, she does not like this!! It scares her and she gets REALLY upset :-( But its one of the things that has to be done and lucky Hubby takes her. Her last visit went ok, she did score some awesome star sunglasses!
She is still my super star even if she gets upset at the dentist XOXO
 Before vacation we had 2 pool birthday parties to go to at the same pool...SCORE!
Our sweet neighbor Emily and our other neighbor Harlow both had fun parties!
 All the kids enjoyed some pizza, Goldfish, grapes and Capri Sun!
 A fun gator float, we are Gator Haters!
 Taylor and me playing in the pool!
 Happy Birthday cookie cake, yum!
 Both girls got these adorable sand buckets from Harlow's party, they were filled with glow sticks, Skittles, and sand shovels, so cute!! Thanks Becca!
 Are you a grits lover like me? Then stop right now and go get the ingredients listed below to make this dish ASAP, its that good! My favorite blogger Dixie Delights shared these on her blog, her Mother, a Savannah native makes these every Saturday and I can see why!

Hot Tomato Grits
2 slices bacon, chopped
2 (14.5 oz) cans chicken broth
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 stick butter
1 cup quick cook grits
2 large ripe tomatoes, chipped
2 T. canned chopped green chilies
1 cup (or more!) shredded cheddar cheese

Cook chopped bacon in a heavy saucepan until crisp.  Gradually add broth then add salt and butter; bring to a boil.  Stir in grits, tomatoes, and chilies; Return to a boil stirring often.  Reduce heat and simmer 15-20 minutes.  Stir in cheese; cover and let stand 5 minutes or until cheese melts.
Along with some cheese grits we also enjoyed some of Paula Deen's Banana Pudding, oh yeah its good!
  I am really not much of shorts person, I mostly wear dresses and skirts but I have been following Erin on Cotton Stem and she recommended these super comfy American Eagle shorts and she was right, they are so soft! Its like a pair of pajama pants except shorts! They are ripped up, I kind of felt like I was little old for them but I let they go and enjoyed that they are the perfect weekend shorts for me! The tee and shoes also came from American Eagle!