Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Trader Joe's, March Birchbox & Simple Joys

Whenever I go to Athens I try to make a trip to one of my favorite grocery stores, Trader Joe's! I hope one day there will be one closer to us, they have really unique and yummy food for a pretty good price. I went in search of some Irish Soda Bread but they were sold out, I did score some Irish Cheese for St. Patrick's Day we have been enjoying this week.
 My little shopping buddy went with me and did great! We enjoyed some mocha coffee chocolate cookies during check out!
 Here are the treats I came home with, some cinnamon apple sticks, bree cheese, pita chips, Irish cheddar cheese and Trader Joe's Cheese Sticks, I have pretty much eaten the entire box by myself!
 March means a new Birchbox and this pretty box was designed by Reese Witherspoon!!
 This month's goodies came with a letter from Reese, some sweet smelling perfume, face water, milk leave in spray and Davines OI Shampoo & Conditioner, this stuff smells SO GOOD!! But beware I think it sells for $32/bottle.
My favorite items was this lipstick from LOC, it was hand picked by Kate Bryan, blogger of The Small Things Blog!! Great pick Kate!
 Mom has this wreath hanging in the condo bathroom and I love it! Especially with the chicken wire frame, I keep meaning to ask her where she got it, I need one for my house too!
I am getting really excited for the release of Beauty and The Beast this weekend like so many others! I found this super cute Belle's Library Book posted on Dixie Delights website, it was on sale thru Amazon and has some cute inspirational quotes inside! Perfect for any book lovers like Belle was! I also LOVE this tee from Cafe Forty Seven, I got a large and its pretty big, but its perfect for pajamas!
I love how Mom added a valance on top of this shower curtain, its so pretty and gives a lot of height. I found a purple valance on I am going to try to re-create this look in the girls bathroom, stay tuned!!
This yummy salad came from Marco's Pizza with lots of salami, cheese and black olives and of course my favorite Trader Joe's cheese sticks!!
Look at her, she just looks like she is up to something in this pic!!
Any lunch with Chicken Salad Chick is a good lunch, especially with a grape salad and heart shaped cookie!!
Hubby has his car packed up with these Oatmeal Creme Pies for Pi day on March 14, he said the students really liked it!! To some I imagine, it was the only day they liked being in math class!!
And since The Ides of March follows Pi Day, I thought this picture was awesome!! Beware!
Our office offers a food delivery service called Foodsby, you place you order each morning from 3 options of restaurants, place your order and it gets delivered to the front lobby. I tried this burrito bowl and liked it a lot, I will defiantly be ordered from them again!
Today was my first day wearing this Revlon Matte Balm, so far its lasted a lot longer then I imagined! I defiantly needs gloss with it so its not to try, but it goes on super east and is very pretty!! Runs about $8/stick.


  1. The chicken wire"frame" came from Hobby Lobby & the boxwood wreath from Etsy... note to self; when ordering any kind of boxwood decor, make sure & order "preserved boxwood" so that it won't turn brown on you like this one did! PS: Love the lipsticks!!~

  2. Thanks Mom!! You are so creative putting the chicken wire and wreath together!