Thursday, April 20, 2017

Easter Morning

After a fun day at Omma & Poppies The Easter Bunny hopped by that night bringing some little gifts for the girls!! Hip Hop Hooray!
 Our family LOVES Moana so The Easter Bunny brought some Maui Fish Hooks, a Moana necklace, a Disney Princess key board and some sweet treats!
 It's Maui time!!
 We had a yummy Easter breakfast with pancakes, bacon and these yummy cheese grits...
 Nicole loved these, they were great!! Just add 2 cups of heavy cream to anything and it will be good!
 Ready for church!!
 In our matching Lolly Wolly Doodle dresses!
 Celebrating our Risen Savior!
 Pastor Shaun sharing the good news
 We made it thru church with no one screaming, yeah!!
 After church we had some lunch and played outside all afternoon!
 Playing hard can ware you out! Coco snoozing in the  swing!
 While Coco was napping with Daddy I took Taylor for a sweet treat at The Chill Hill, our local FroYo place
 I love the sea salted caramel flavor topped with cookie dough, peanut butter and cherries!
 Any guess what color Taylor enjoyed?!
 I am so blessed to celebrate another Easter with my sweet family XOXO

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Easter at Omma & Poppie's

Every Easter Omma puts together a great egg hunt for all the grand kids and this year was the best! I think its because the kids are getting older they can actually hunt and get REALLY excited! Along with the egg hunt we had a yummy Easter meal, so good!
 I made this no bake peanut butter cream cheese pie in my Pioneer Woman pie plate from Walmart.
 I also made this no bake strawberry pie, its pretty much just strawberry Jello and cool whip!
 On the VERY long drive out there (almost 2 hours) Hubby and picked up an Iced Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks and we both loved it!! You need to try this!
 Once we got out there Omma had her beautiful deck set up to eat outside
 Poppie cooked a sweet and yummy honey ham served with green beans, hash brown casserole and some rolls, delicious!
 Before we started eating a group pic!!
 After we ate a yummy meal it was time to dye Easter eggs, believe it or not Nicole joined in and did not make a total mess!
 Omma gave each kid their own color to hunt for so there was no fighting, can you tell she was a teacher?!
 Ryder man found lots of blue eggs!
 Coco was on the hunt for yellow eggs
 Shake, shake, shake!!
 Avery was finding the green ones
 Counting all her eggs!
 Taylor was the pink egg princess
 She was loving this!!
 After all that hard work hunting eggs, its time to enjoy the candy!
Happy little bunnies with their baskets!
Omma Easter Bunny also gifted the kids with some gifts, check out this awesome parachute Taylor got!!
Thanks to Omma and Poppie for hosting a wonderful Easter celebration, I am truly blessed with the best in-laws in the world!!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

School Easter Egg Hunt & Charlie Brown Easter Movie Night

The girls started their Easter celebration with a fun party and egg hunt at school! I baked some super easy and yummy brownies the night before for the girls to take with them, I used some pretty pastel icing and of course some Peeps!
 Bright and colorful, just like Easter!
 A benefit of Taylor getting older? She can start helping me with stuff! We had fun filling her class eggs with candy, as well as Coco's eggs!
 I get so much use from these monogram Easter dresses, a great investment! Here are the girls ready for school Friday morning, they both carried their Easter baskets into school with them!
 The girls we not the only ones who were their Easter cloths, I got this new Oh for Peeps Sake tee from Sweet Baby Blue Boutique! I love it and its super comfy! Perfect for Easter!
 Our daycare sends out a weekly newsletter, here is Nicole in action on the bunny hunt!
 We continued the Easter fun with a movie night watching Its a Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown! I already had the bunnies and the headbands came from Oriental Trading last year.
 The snacks were super easy, Peep kabob's! I put some pineapple, grapes and strawberries on them.
 Lucy's Lemonade (ours was half and half)
 My beautiful bunny girl
 No getting any bunny ears on this one, but she grabbed a kabob for each hand!
 A fun movie night to end a fun day filled with lots of Easter eggs, party food and of course, candy!
 Last, but the most important, the reason we celebrate Easter. Good Friday seems odd to describe what actually happened to Jesus, it was really sad. But because of His love for us all, we have eternal life and that is really goodXOXO

Monday, April 17, 2017

Tybee Island

Our 3rd day in Savannah was spent at super cute Tybee Island, the girls were so excited to see the beach!! Tybee is such a cool and colorful place to visit, very charming with lots to do!
Making our way to the beach!
 Daddies Little Mermaid's
 Last year she was a little afraid of the water, this year she is running right to it, I think its all the times she has watched Moana that has inspired her!
Nicole held tight by the ocean, she was not quite ready yet!
 Splish! Splash!!
Jumping waves!!
 She is loving the ocean now!
 The beautiful pier at Tybee
 Super windy day!!
 She did not like her feet in the sand so she kept her shoes on!
 Flying high in the sky!
 Doing the wave with while standing in waves
 We love spring break!
 She kept a grip on the goldfish
 Shoes in the sand
 My big girl is so brave!
 Ready for some lunch at the Pier Pavilion!
 A neat and colorful food stand at The Riptide Grill
 We dined on some hot dogs, chips and an orange Fanta, yum!
 Spring break=no timed lunch break, SCORE!!
 Strolling down the pier
 Checking out the ocean
 Love hearing the waves crash
 Some people catching fish at the end of the pier
 After leaving the pier we walked around, love the street lined palm trees
 With loads of sweet shops we headed into this cute one for some ice cream
 A yummy salted caramel
 Seaside Sweets!
 So charming and good!
 Life is a blessing to us all, enjoy and love all you can while you can!!