Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Simple Joys & A Garage Door Update

With spring weather official here, the girls have been playing outside everyday when they get home, they could spend all night out there to if I let them! Over the weekend I started working on getting our patio gazebo up again, I got the base done myself, hopefully Hubby can help me finish it off this weekend and we can enjoy some shade while playing with the girls outside. I was proud of how much I accomplished on my own, the tent itself is not too hard but its not super easy to assemble either, but what in life is?!
We have been enjoying dinner on the patio too, it seems weird but I think the girls eat better and more food outside?!
 Being a working parents there is not too much time to prepare a big home cooked meal every night after work, but its ok cause there are so many frozen and canned foods available that it saves Cook Mom or Dad a lot time! For example the other night I heated up some Gorton's Fish, corn on the cob, green beans and some garlic knots. Coco really liked the green beans, she would come get one at a time while playing on the slide. I also enjoyed my meal with an ice cold cherry Coke! Sitting on the patio was so nice, and will be even better in the SHADE!
 The girls enjoy having a picnic on the driveway with one of their favorite places to eat, Chick Fil A! I got this cute Peppa Pig table at for their birthday last year and have gotten a lot of use already from it!
 While at CFA I couldn't pass up a chance the try the new frozen strawberry lemonade, its almost like a milkshake and very good! Perfect for some warm weather!!
 I usually don't like to spend a lot of candles, cause they don't last that long, but I have been really wanting to try this Spireside Candle, at $20 bucks a candle its not cheap, but the smell is SOOOO good! Each candle is based on Disney, for example this is the Polynesian scent based on the Polynesian Resort. I love it and can't wait to expand my collection!
 I try to drink water during the work day, although I wish it was a big glass of sweet tea, my dentist would not approve! This week I picked up a bag of frozen mixed fruit for $3 bucks, I just add a couple of pieces to this super cute Olaf water bottle in the morning and it adds some extra flavor to the water, pretty good!
 I was driving home Saturday with Taylor from our party when I saw a local church near our house serving breakfast for dinner, as soon as I got home I told Hubby and he jumped in his car to pick us up some dinner, boy was it good! You CAN'T BEAT good church lady cooked food!! We gobbled some some ham, scrambled eggs, grits, biscuits and raspberry pound cake, YUM!!!! All for $7...SCORE!!
 Who doesn't love an cold orange cream Popsicle?! So yummy!
 Hubby had to pick up some new contacts so while he was out he went by Marie's Deli, its yummy local restaurant we have had before and it never disappoints! You know I love all things olive so this muffalata was perfect for me, topped with lots of cheese and a side of pasta salad.
 Cars parked like this, over their lane, NOT a simple joy!
 Making the work day cuter with a new monogrammed notebook!
 Playtime with sister!
My Mom updated her garage and told me about these super cute magnetic carriage door accessories, I think she got hers at Home Depot. I found some from Ebay for $23, here is the before pic....
 Just the normal white garage door, here is the after with a little update...
 What do you think??!
I am really liking them!
And you can see I had some helpers too!
 I hope your week has been going good so far, I saw this quote and loved it! Don't depend on anyone else to make you happy, it comes from you XOXO

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