Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Bulldogs Baseball

Over the weekend we headed north west to cheer on the Diamond Dawgs in Athens with my family. Although the Dawgs didn't do too great, we had a great time! Here are some fun pics from our big adventure!
Nicole woke up with a home run smile! Check out this super cute Bulldog tee I got from  kitkatbowsandclothes, she got these ready really quick for me and the girls loved them...SCORE! Looks like Nicole is ready for some breakfast, here she is trying to eat the tag I cut off!
 My tag!
 Taylor's cute shirt!
 On our way to Athens I looked back at the girls and they were playing, how cute is this!! We were at a stop light so I snapped a quick pic!! Sisters are the best XOXO
 Mom had the condo looking great of coarse, love this monogram spring wreath!! I need one with a P!
 I know so many people love seeing Mom's condo so here is a pic of the den, most everything is black and red of course!
 Another view of the den, notice the TV stand has a fireplace underneath it?!
 Here we are at Foley Field, it was very nice I most say! Easy to get to, clean bathrooms and not too expensive food!
 Taylor enjoyed lots of leg room!
 The Kee Family, love them all!
 Hubby with Katherine & Taylor
 This was Coco's seat pretty much the entire time and she was loving it!
 Georgia Girls!
 Taylor did great and had lots of popcorn and fruit snacks
 Another pic of of my family! Thanks Granddaddy for the tickets, we had a blast!

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  1. Great pics of the condo...it's my happy place cause my family is together in it! Nothing like a cold weekend of baseball. I LOVE IT!!~