Tuesday, March 1, 2016

How do I love my Keurig, let me count the ways!

For Christmas this year my sweet hubby got our family a cute red Keurig 2.0, I thought it was awesome until I started using it, then I totally feel in love! For any parent that has sleepless nights like we do, having caffine in the morning is most. The Keurig offers so many drink varieties, I love the cappuccino's and hot chocolate, while hubby likes the coffee and tea. Then I discovered not only does it make drinks, it also makes soup!!
Yup, that's a Campbell's soup k-cup, chicken noodle! Souper easy and fast! A great little lunch with a bagel. What could make it even better?? A cute Disney Princess soup mug!
This Saturday I got to work on some house projects, one of which was our master bed has no bed skirt, its always bugged me cause you can see the mattress. Here is the before picture, its nasty messy I know but I am keeping it real :-)
I found this little miracle at Walmart.com, just a plain bed skirt right? But wait, its a bed skirt you put on that you don't have to lift the mattress..YEAH!!
And only $14.00, nice!! Here is the after pic, I think it looks a lot better!
 The Keurig is pricey I know, but so far for us its been worth every penny!


  1. That bed skirt looks great Linds! The Campbell's soup in the Keurig still fascinates me! Never knew that it could do stuff like that!


  2. Thanks so much G, I think you would like the soups!!