Thursday, March 10, 2016

Every day joy

To me, sometimes the littlest things can make your day. Choosing to find something that makes you happy every day, especially working full time really lifts my spirits. Maybe a yummy lunch from home or your favorite sandwich store, or a new dress, or even celebrating at work can make a long work day a lot better. Here is some little things this week that made me smile :-)
I am a BIG lover of Chicken Salad Chick, if you like them I recommend getting their app. Every time you eat there you can scan your receipt and get reward points for a free drink, etc. They sent me a free birthday meal...SCORE!! I cashed it in yesterday and got my favorite Classic Carol, Pimento Cheese and pasta salad & of course, a sweet tea!
How cute is this onesie?! I sent it to my sweet sister in law Amy :-)
One of my sweet coworkers celebrated her 15 year service anniversary this week. We had some yummy cupcakes from Piece of Cake, I got this one topped with cream cheese...HEAVEN!
One of my favorite bloggers posted this recipe called Mississippi Pot Roast, it was really good! I got a chuck roast and we put it in the crock pot for about 6 hours with some gravy mix and ranch seasoning, very good and juicy! We also had a side of couscous with it, on of my favorites! I love putting tomato, feta cheese and olives in it. Olives, Olive You XOXO
While feeding my little Coco some sweet potatoes Taylor and her independent spirit went off to play in the den. 15 minutes later I walked into this. EVERY SINGLE TOY pulled out. And its still there today. Maybe this weekend she will clean it up...who am I kidding, it will be me!
I am really liking the updated Lean Cuisine meals, everyone I tried has been good, especially for a frozen meal! I heated up the sesame chicken today, boy was it good! The sauce and chicken were fantastic and its only $3.00...SCORE!

"Find joy in the journey!"

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  1. Can't wait to try the Sesame Chicken Lean Cuisine for lunch.... yours looks yummy!!