Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Spring porch update

In the past 2 weeks we have been having some really lovely spring like days here in GA, after a pretty mild winter. The pink dogwoods are starting to bloom on my way to work, I love those! With the warmer weather and made me want to update my front porch. I have always wanted a front porch and was tickled when our home had one (all the homes in our neighborhood do). I love putting seasonal decorations out, putting lights on it, and sitting outside before it gets too hot. I don't really get to do as much relaxing on the porch as I would like, but I think when the girls get a little holder I can sit and watch them play. Our home has had the same light fixture since it was built, it was OK but it needed a little update, so I headed to Walmart to find some cute fixtures. I was expecting to pay at least $50 but was really surprised when I found these for under $20...SCORE!!
Here is the original, its not bad but its become pretty rusty. Thanks to my hubby, a new one was installed and I love it! I am proud of him to, he is learning as we go how to do all these house projects I ask of him :-)
Here is the new one! What do you think? It's a little smaller but I like the shape more! Side by side you can compare:
Like my Winter Frozen quote? I change them out when these seasons  change, I will be pulling my spring one out soon! Every porch needs somewhere to sit down and relax, I got a white rocking chair a few years ago from Home Depot for Mother's Day and I was looking for something to fill out the other side of the porch. Once again I found a cute double rocker at Walmart for under $100:
I also ordered a big cushion from the Better Homes and Garden Line, I found a cute black and white one to match my rocking chair cushion. A few years ago my Mom gave us this little pillow from Etsy.
I am looking forward and hoping for some nice spring evenings with my loves relaxing on the porch!

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  1. Such cute little updates make a huge impact! Love the lantern & the double rocker with cushion makes for a cozy evening on the porch...spring is coming!!