Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Beauty products I love

I am no beauty expert at all, but I love reading about products pro beauty bloggers use and love. Especially when they are affordable!! Once I read about a product I'd like to try, I usually check Ebay & Walmart to see how much it cost. Or sometimes I will be doing my weekly grocery shopping and see something I want to try! We all deserve a treat now and then :-)
This is one of the products I purchased while getting some shampoo a few months ago and really love it. I just spray it on my wet hair before I blow dry and it gives me a little extra body, plus it smells really good!
I've seen a couple beauty bloggers talk about this texturing powder from Sexy Hair. I have never used a powder before, except in my girls diapers!! So I watched a few YouTube videos and have liked it more and more every time I use it and get more comfortable with it. It gives me a little extra height at my crown instead of being so flat, and stays all day! I sprinkle a little right before I tease my hair. This is a very small bottle I found on Ebay :-)
I wasn't looking for a gloss but this beautiful pink bottle caught my eye at Walmart one day. After my hair is styled just 2 sprays and you can see the extra shine. It brings new meaning to RISE & SHINE!!
I LOVE my Urban Decay nudes eye shadow, I mean who doesn't?! Everyone uses it and it stays and looks great all day! The only downside is the price, its not cheap! My sweet Mom gifted me with mine so when I saw the Cover Girl version for a lot cheaper I gave it s shot. I watched some tutorials on YouTube and found I really liked it. The shimmery shadows are my favorite, the only downside is the pigment is not as strong so I had to apply more of it to be able to see it, in the morning rush that can be a problem. But I would defiantly recommend it to my thrifty makeup lovers!
I can't stand the feeling of dry lips and this by far is THE BEST lip gloss ever! Prepare yourself and significant other, its sticky!! So sticky my hubby hates it, but when I am at work and I need some staying power through out the day drinking and eating this is IT!! I've used this Victoria's Secret gloss for years and purchase it from Ebay (a little cheaper then in store). My cubicle neighbor Donna even uses it  and is as crazy about it as me. They have all different colors, I hope to build up my collection!

"Happiness is the best make up"

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