Thursday, March 17, 2016

Happy St. Patrick's Day Celebration

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!! What a fun day full of green food and cloths its been so far! I love seeing everyone at work in their Irish best, hearing some U2 on the radio this morning, and seeing all the cute pics of kids on social media. Top of the morning to you!!
My little leprechauns enjoyed a green breakfast!
They're after me lucky charms!! Who doesn't love this cereal? Taylor just eats the marshmallows. I made some shamrock pancakes, green eggs and vanilla yogurt with some green dye. I also put it in the milk!
I found this cute little Wilson's cookie cutter on eBay for $5 bucks...SCORE! I hope I can use it for many more years!
My little Irish sweetie! This is just a shirt I got a Walmart, I usually get the girls a really nice Etsy dress, but with Easter so close to St. Patrick's day, the money went to Easter dresses, but this is still cute! The little headband is from Oriental Trading, we each got a pair.
Cute and lucky!
We had a great time celebrating all things Irish for breakfast, if traffic is not too bad, I hope to have a little Irish themed dinner too, we shall see! I wanted to do a little something special for the girls teachers to say how much we appreciate them. Day care teachers are the hardest and sweetest people I know, they put up with a lot and deserve a lot more then they get paid. I am SO thankful for the teachers at Discovery Point and how they love our girls.

Nothing too fancy, I just picked up some mint chocolate chip cookie dough on my lunch break and sprinkled some mints on top when they came out of the oven last night.

I won't say how many of these I ate, but I am sure glad I got 2 bags instead of 1!

I also picked up some little green bags, ribbon, and printed off little tags. I hope they all know how much we appreciate them!
What I wore, Irish style! I have been so excited to finally wear my adorable tassel bracelet from Etsy from one of my favorite bloggers. I love the Irish flag colors and I got this dress & earring from Walmart. I hope you all have a blessed and lucky St. Patrick's Day XOXO

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