Thursday, March 31, 2016

A little Princess Dress update

In my house we all love Disney Princesses, I can't tell you how many dolls Taylor has and loves to play with. Nicole is not there yet, but I am sure she will be! I made a small little update this weekend I hope that both girls will love. Here is the before pic of some wall space I had in Nicole's room:
I LOVE this paint color, its Juliet from Home Depot and looks great! I got this art work hanger at Home Goods when I was preggers with Coco. Art work courtesy of Cousin Avery :-) On another wall I had a castle coat rack. Speaking of Avery, has she has grown we have got some of her old princess gowns. I keep them stored in a tub in the play room. So without having to buy anything new except the decal, here is the updated Princess dress hanger!
What do you think?! Taylor said she really liked it so that made me happy! The coat rack is also from Home Goods.
This is one of my favorite quotes from Cinderella,  I ordered the decal from Etsy for about $10 bucks. Every girl young or old should never stop dreaming :-) Now, who wants to play dress us?!

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