Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Welcome March!

As I said earlier this week, we didn't have anywhere we had to be last weekend so it gave me an opportunity to work on some projects around the house. I pulled out my St. Patrick's Day decorations and packed away my Valentine's. I just love all the green!
My sweet Mom gave me this beautiful monogrammed wreath for my birthday and these lovely plates to hang beside it, it really freshened up my mantel and this pretty black screen from Walmart came in, our fireplace has some missing pieces so until we can afford to get it fixed, this serves as a nice cover up. I think it makes it look more cozy!! I also hung up this shamrock banner, very cute and cheap from Oriental Trading.
I got this lovely green chest when my Aunt Sarah passed away, its in our kitchen and I love to change it up with seasonal decor. I've had this green table runner for years from Home Goods and that is also where I scored that little shamrock bowl.
I filled it up with some of my favorite k cups, Irish Creme! I love having a warm cup in the morning while I get ready for work and topping it with some marshmallows...YUM!
I also found this class cookie jar at Walmart for 5 bucks this weekend, perfect to fill up with Girl Scout Cookies, I could eat these ALL DAY LONG :-)

Since we moved into our house I have been trying to build up my collection of seasonal door hangers, the best ones are on Etsy, they are pricey, usually around $50 a piece, but they hold up pretty good in the weather. Here is our St. Patrick's Day door hanger, welcome!!
Since my Mom sent me a new wreath for our mantel I decided to move my old one outside by our rocking chair. I am really liking it, I think I am going to add a bow at the top to give it a more finished look.
The warm weather last weekend got me excited for spring, so excited I found a cute double rocking chair from Walmart I ordered, hopefully there is not too much to assemble for hubby. I am hoping for some nice down time watching Taylor play in yard while I rock Nicole, one of the MANY perks of living in GA, the great weather!!

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