Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Easter Weekend

Greetings readers, sorry I am a little behind, Monday I attended the funeral service of my sweet friend Onika, it was beautiful just like her. It was sad too, seeing how grief stricken her parents are breaks my heart. I know it's a parents night mare. This shouldn't happen at 37, but as in many other trying times I truly saw God there. It reminds us all we are not guaranteed anything, tell your loved ones you love them as much as you can. Live and celebrate lift to its fullest!
But before the funeral last weekend we had a lovely Easter celebration with our family and church. My Mother in law always does a fun egg hunt and dinner, the grown up kids had a blast!
Ready, set, hunt!! Nicole is a little too small to join in, but she did like her Easter basket grass!
Before we headed over there, I made up some crescent rolls with cheese, I called them Resurrection Rolls for Easter :-) Super east and yummy, just roll some string cheese inside before you bake them!
Nicole loved hanging out with Poppie and watching all the kids go wild, my husband even hid an egg on his head!

 Doesn't my MIL create the most beautiful table scapes?!
Happy Easter from our family!!
Looks like the Easter Bunny hopped by with gifts for the girls!!
Check out Taylor's face, she was excited about Peppa Pig!
I ordered some bunny ears from Oriental Trading along with this cute table cloth
Our littlest bunny also got a pair
I cooked up some bunny pancakes, bacon, eggs and pink yogurt, YUM!
Nicole got a little toy that sticks to her high chair tray, it makes lots of noise so she is happy!
We also had a fun time at church, it was Taylor's first time sitting with us in church, she did OK, better then I thought, but I felt like a ran a marathon after it!! Pastor Cass called all the kids up front for a surprise...
Baby Chicks!!
Our Family Easter pic for 2016
I hope everyone has a wonderful and lovely Easter weekend, it's a great time of celebration for so many!

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