Monday, March 7, 2016

Movie Night-The Fox and The Hound

Hope everyone had a great weekend, the weather here in GA was beautiful Sunday, its starting to feel like spring! On Friday night we watched the Disney movie, The Fox and The Hound. It's a sweet story about 2 young best friends who didn't realize they were supposed to be enemies but learned to accept how different we all are, a great message XOXO.
Taylor got a new BIG book too, I purchased it from Ebay for $5.00, score! For dinner it was super easy and Taylor loved it, I made some hot dogs to look like a dog face. I used hamburger buns for the face and cheese slices for the ears, then I used some ketchup to make a face. I also picked up some Bugles, I thought they sounded like Beagle and plus I just love them!
I got this paw print fabric from Joanne's a few years ago, I use it as my loft Christmas tree skirt. Since it has dog paws I used it as a table cloth! We had a great time and Taylor seemed to like the movie, beware if you are an animal lover, you will need a tissue!
Before we watched the movie Friday, my husband took Taylor to a local soccer game, they had fun but it was pretty cold. I picked Nicole up from school and while putting her in the car she had the sweetest smile...pic time!
Then I thought to myself, I have a pic just like this taken 3 years ago of Taylor, I love seeing them side by side!
I defiantly can tell they are sisters, what do you all think?!

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