Wednesday, March 16, 2016

What I Wore-Inspiration Style

Like so many others, I love Instagram and Pinterest. From the food to the pretty pictures, I check it for ideas and inspiration. I love cloths and dressing up, my body shape has gone through many changes before kids and after so I have all kinds of sizes in my closet. I love typing in an article like red skirt outfit to see what pops up. If I find an outfit I like I will save the pic and try to recreate it with items I already own. My goal is not to buy anything new and create something new from what I have. Here are some outfits I tried to recreate!
I got these super cute leopard flats last weekend at Walmart for $6 bucks...SCORE!! I started searching for leopard flats outfits and found a lot. I've had this red skirt, strip top and jean jacket all from Walmart for a few years. I wore this when we went to King of Pops, its perfect because my feet were not hurting at the end and when I got warm I just took my jacket off to enjoy the great weather!
I love purple and pink so when I saw this outfit I knew it would be great for work. I never thought of pairing purple and navy together but it went great. I already had some pearls and when it warmed up that afternoon, I just took the cardigan off.
This outfit is not exact, but it did give me the idea of pairing this fuchsia Target cardigan with something black and white. I got this dress for a wedding a few years ago and Ross and it still looks great!!
I had planned on wearing a pink scarf with this dress, but I thought this necklace looked a little better. I also paired it with some black leggings, the dress is a little short for work with out them. I love being able to use items I already have to create new ideas!!

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  1. LOVE these cute outfits... you have inspired me to get busy in my closet for spring!!