Tuesday, March 8, 2016

We belong in the Zoo

For Valentine's Day this year I got my husband a family season pass to Zoo Atlanta! It's a little pricey but pays for itself in just a few visits, Taylor loves the merry go round and train, I also thought it would give them something else to do when they are on summer break! It was a beautiful spring like day Sunday so I thought it would be fun to take the girls, and so did the rest of Atlanta's parents, it was packed!
I packed up the double stroller, formula and got Taylor and I some lunch and Capri Sun's, a lot cheaper then zoo food!
We started with blankets and jackets and were sweating at the end, note to self, wear shorts next time!
Taylor loved the Panda's!
We also saw an elephant and some birds! We took a quick lunch break, it was so packed there were not many tables to sit at, I found one on the very end but thought the zoo could step it up a little with tables and chairs, especially on the weekend. Onto the merry go round! I was going to get a ticket for the train and merry go round but the train was smoking that day!! So no train! I was a little anxious thinking how am I going to lift Taylor onto her seat while holding Nicole, but some how my Supermom arms did it. You would think they would be much more defined rather then flabby after holding these girls :-)
Pure happiness, Taylor was grinning ear to ear!! Here is my attempt at a selfie with Nicole while holding her, while the ride was moving and hanging on to Taylor, with a diaper bag on, see her little head in the back?!
Bringing out the Lilly P shades, so much fun and colorful, perfect for a spring day! Since Nicole is too little for sunglasses yet I put this cute pink floppy hat on, isn't she adorable?!
Since Taylor was pretty good (we did have to have a talk about not talking back to me during lunch...in front of a big crowd), she scored a huge bag of popcorn! I ate most of it driving back home while both girls feel asleep. It was a lot of work and crowded but I am glad we went, love that is was already paid for!!

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  1. That looks like so much fun on a beautiful spring day! You were a brave mom to tackle it on your own, but the sweet smiles are worth it!