Friday, March 25, 2016

Good Friday, simple joy's and what I wore

Happy Good Friday to everyone! I saw this quote on Pinterest & thought it was very appropriate for today:
I found this true in my own life, situations that crushed me have been able to make me stronger and I've used to give hope. Another holiday means another celebration!! Taylor & Nicole's school was having an Easter Egg Hunt today with a party. Being a working parent, I have no time for anything, especially during the work week. I use to feel like I had to made everything from scratch to be special, no more! This year I have been purchasing store bought-already made-easy for me to pick up items and adding a little touch, not much extra time needed! During my lunch break I picked up this already made cupcake tray for like $12 bucks. A little much but it saved me a lot on time...SCORE!
Already cute by themselves, I just picked up some cute yellow Peeps and placed them on top, yum!
I think the girls will have a great Easter Party!
Spring time=Maxi dress time! I love them because one I still have baby weight and two cause its cold in the mornings still and warm in the afternoon. Being able to layer a jacket or cardigan over a maxi is great! To me, they are like the sweatpants of dresses, super comfortable!
Being a GA Bulldog fan I have lots and red and black over the years. Its great cause it carries me all the way from football season to Valentine's Day! I ordered this monogram necklace from Etsy 2 years ago and still love it. Its light to so it doesn't give me a headache like some heavy necklaces seem to do.
Mint green and coral are 2 of my favorite color combinations, so much I painted my guest bathroom these colors. They are so soft and soothing! I got these colored jeans at Walmart and my Mom got me this top and adorable chevron scarf and Target, the flats are Target too!
Target score again! I found this cute boat neck top for $11 at Target which I thought was pretty good. I paired it with my white Old Navy elastic skirt and a bright pink necklace.
I've been a parent for 3 years now and the amount of laundry is just unreal. It literally never stops. Taylor's is not that bad cause she is older, but my baby girl Nicole, I just can't keep up! Between the barfing, cloths, exploding diapers and bibs its outta control. So I purchased a pack of these and HELLO!! One less thing for me to wash! I use it and toss it, that's it...SCORE!
Taylor & her Daddy love to play soccer. Inside or outside they kick and laugh. Her is some I took of her playing, love that smile :-)
5AM comes early for everyone, especially when you don't get that much sleep. But seeing this little smile while I am getting ready for work makes my morning. I hope everyone has a blessed Easter!

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