Monday, March 21, 2016

Friday Movie Night-Toy Story

Happy First week of spring everyone!
Its a  new season & fresh start for everyone. Longer days and more color all around, Hello Spring!
We had a blast watching Toy Story Friday night, To Infinity and Beyond!!
Taylor was surprised by Mr. Potato Head, she calls him Mr. Tato :-) We munched on some Galaxy Puffs, Hamm's Pig in a Blanket, and Mr. Potato Head Fries, it was a lot of fun!!
"You got a friend in me", love that song and & hope my girls know they will always have a friend in me XOXO
Two Taters!!
Yeah for the start to the weekend, love having time off with my family!!

*On a personal note, I served Jury Duty today & may be called back tomorrow so I didn't think I would have time to blog about our fun weekend today. Then I got some sad news early this afternoon, my sweet friend & coworker Onika passed away this morning. She has been very sick for weeks but we thought she was improving. Onika filled in for me while I was on maternity leave. I could never say enough good things about her. She was smart & hilarious. We laughed so much, she will be missed so much, my heart is broken. Onika was also my age & although it may seem inappropriate to write a blog about fun when you are grieving, it really shows us all how we are never promised tomorrow & to live each day to the fullest. Love big, soak up life & that is why I posted today. To remember the good & to say how thankful I am for all I have. Love you O.

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