Wednesday, March 23, 2016

When life gives you lemons...

As I have written before, I love Instagram, I get so many great ideas from fashion to food! I follow Walmart cause I do most of my shopping there, its easier to have everything in one place and its pretty cheap compared to like Publix. I saw this idea on Instagram from Walmart and thought, I could do that!
All it required was a glass jar, lemons & limes, and some floating candles. So when I did my grocery shopping this past weekend I picked up them up, I don't think it was more then $8 bucks...SCORE!
While Nicole was in her bouncy seat I got a cutting board and knife and started slicing. I filled the jar up a little over half way then just started dropping the lemon/lime's in!
I topped it off with a floating candle and loved it!! Another plus, my house smelled like it had just been cleaned with lemons!
The down side I find about using real fruit is it can turn brown quickly,  but so far in the water they still look fresh :-)
This is a super easy and cheap spring craft anyone can do. Now, where is my glass of fresh sweet lemonade?!

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