Monday, August 1, 2016

Walmart Grocery Pick Up & Asian Salad Mix

Happy August Friends!
 Another month is here, a new start! I hope everyone has their best month yet!
While Hubby was in the hospital recovering from back surgery last week my schedule was yam packed. Not much time for anything other then work, the girls, and hospital visits. We had a special celebration at work and I needed some food items but had no time to get them. And taking 2 kids into the store was my last option. So I got online and tried Walmart's Grocery pick up and LOVED it. I can't say enough about what a positive and helpful experience it was. With no extra fee...SCORE!
You simply go online with a minimum $30 order, select the items you need (it does not all have to be food, I got paper products too), then select the hour time frame you want to pick up. I did from 6 PM-7 PM and at 5:45 PM a Walmart rep called to let me know my groceries were ready. I had the girls in my car from daycare and followed the map I was emailed on where to go. Ours was on the side of the store with plenty of signs to tell you where to go. We pulled in our reserved spot:
And a super sweet Walmart associate came up to greet me and all our groceries. She loaded all out items and then gave ME a gift for shopping:
 This cute little bag was filled with a sweet tea and raisins! I was impressed and recommend anyone who has a busy schedule to give this a try!
While we were on vacation my Mom picked up one of the bag salad mixes, she got the Asian mix and it was really good on its own! Then I saw a post with the Pioneer Woman's Asian Salad Noodles, it looked delicious but it was a LONG recipe list. I thought I could pick up a bag of the Asian salad mix from Walmart (like the ones pictured above). Along with the salad I picked up some spaghetti noodles. I wish I had taken more pictures but I honestly didn't expect it to come out too good, but I was wrong! I boiled the noodles, let them cool and mixed them in some olive oil, sesame seed oil and soy sauce, its yummy!
It was a big day for my girls today, they each moved up to a new classroom at school today! Taylor moved up to Preschool 3 and Nicole moved up to Beginners!
I am so proud of them both, they do wonderful at school, love their teachers and friends and have learned a lot!
Here we are at drop off, look at our big girl!! GO TAYLOR!!


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  1. Back to school!! Can't wait to try the Asian salad / spaghetti recipe, sounds quick, easy & delicious!!