Thursday, August 18, 2016

Swinging Sisters

We have really been enjoying our outside patio tent this summer. Although its still blazing hot, it does provide a lot of shade which makes playing outside bearable. Taylor wanted to me to clean off her old water table and the girls have been having a lot of fun with it!!
I think it keeps them cool too!
I also turned on an old fan we have to help with the humidity!
We brought down some bath time toys and they loved it! Water was everywhere!
Nicole is starting to like the swing set now, before she would not let me put her in it, but she loves swinging with Taylor, it keeps me bust pushing them both but I love to hear them laughing!
This is awesome!!! I'm flying thru the air!
Push me higher Mommy!!
On the way home from one of his meeting, Hubby picked me up this big ice cream sandwich from the gas stations and boy was it GOOD!!
There was a ton of yummy vanilla ice cream in the middle, we gobbled it up!!
I usually don't bring my phone inside daycare when I pick the girls up just cause I have some much to carry out, but the other day I did and was glad I had it with me, when I walked in Taylor was so excited to show me her beautiful hair her teacher had given her!
She even got a big hug from a sweet girl, I didn't know her name, but her teacher said all the big kids love TayTay!! This makes me SO happy XOXO. It's great hearing your child is happy and well liked while they are away at school during the day!


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