Thursday, August 4, 2016

Simple Joys & what I wore

Yesterday seemed to be one of the days I could not wait to be over, that doesn't happen to much for me (I mean excluding work, I am always ready for that to be over!). But do you ever feel like enough is enough for that day? Not to be too gloomy but I experienced 2 situations that made my stomach turn, sometimes with panic and sometimes with worry. I try to think situations out to see if going down this road will lead to a good result. At times I think it won't and will lead to pain. But everything is ok now and I made a decision to just let it be.  
So with that being said I really wanted to focus on all the simple joys in my life, cause I have a TON!!
While the girls were staying at Omma and Poppie's house, Hubby and I went to get some breakfast at The Waffle House. Can't beat their waffles and crunchy bacon!!
An assortment of donuts makes everyone happy!! We picked these up from Duncan Donuts!
I picked up this strawberry lime ice drink from Starbucks, very refreshing!
With hospital visits, work and the girls I can't seem to find much extra time to stop by the nail salon and get my eyebrows done. I have always wanted to do my own but I am a little scared, one mistake could leave me brow less...eekk!! Looking on Amazon I found these Parissa Brow Shapers and really liked them! You get a lot of little strips that have a sticky wax on them, good news they are not hot. The directions are very easy to understand. 
On a scale of 1-5, 5 being the best I give these a 4! I am still new at this but I think the more I do it, the better my brows will look. They didn't seem to take off as much hair as the salon does, but I was also a little timid. So again, maybe next time I will get more off myself.
About 3 times a week at work I will heat up a Lean Cuisine, for frozen food they are pretty good. This week I tried the mushroom & spring pea risotto, I thought it was great! Not crazy about peas but I really could not taste them over the mushrooms.
Hubby and I didn't get a chance to eat dinner the other night, by the time things settled down it was almost 9 PM, he is so sweet, he went into the kitchen, pulled out some English muffins, marinara sauce, sting cheese and cherry. He make me some little pizza's and a cherry Coke, its the little things that mean the most XOXO
This AWESOME sign was outside of a church I dropped Hubby off at, I just had to stop and take a pic!
Every July we get so excited to watch the Sharknado movies and this year didn't disappoint! We just sit there and laugh the entire time, we love them!!
While at Walmart last weekend I picked up this gray and white stripped dress for $9 bucks...SCORE! I paired it with my Target gray cardigan for the office.
I found this vintage Lilly P top on Ebay and love it! Its almost long sleeve so it will be great all year around. I just love the soft pink color, I paired it with me yellow Charming Charlie necklace and earrings.
This is an oldie but goodie, I call it my birds of a feather top. I ordered these online a few years ago from, the skirt has a beautful blue color to it and the top and light weight and loose.
I had some errands to run Saturday so I put my hair into a side pony and pulled out my new Lilly P tank, I love it! Its perfect for hot weather along with a Starbucks for a caffeine kick!
Last night sweet Nicole feel asleep in Daddy's arms, is there a safer place to be? Love how her little arms are crossed, she looks like an angel.
Its great seeing how much Taylor learns at school, she is getting old enough now that she can sing an entire song! Here she is the 5 little birds!


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