Thursday, August 11, 2016

A little before & after updates around the house

Do you ever have those moments when you feel so creative?! Like you almost form a list of all your ideas you have going on or see an idea on Instagram and think I could do that? That was what I was like last week! Looking at the lights my Mom sent me and Instagram I thought of some little projects around our house I wanted to work on, let me know what you think!
Here is a picture of the entry way from our garage door/guest bathroom into our kitchen. At Christmas time I love to put garland around it with some twinkle lights, after the holiday season is over I have always thought I wish there was something I could add to make it feel a bit more comfy with some colorful. I went to Walmart online and ordered some red sheer curtain panels with a curtain rod and tie backs. All together it was about $40.00. I also went online to Hobby Lobby and ordered this black metal scroll for $25, its the same one I put over our garage this summer!
Here is the entry way now and I love it! I think it adds some warmth and color to the room, I also did this same thing in the girls closets and have loved it! Not a ton of money for an update I love...SCORE!!
If you read the blog yesterday I posted some pics from my Mom's house. She ordered some beautiful screw in pendant lights from Plow and Hearth, I loved them some much I ordered one myself! It shipped really fast and all I needed to install was a ladder, the light, a bulb, and my baby girl asleep :-)
Can you believe I installed this by myself? Mom was right, it was so easy and it looks like an electrician did it! I am really liking it, even Hubby was impressed when he walked in. I am really thinking about ordering another one for our master bath...stay tuned!
Without much money to spend, I made a few little adjustments around my office desk. The reality is I spend the majority of my day here so I want to show what matters most to me. I have tons of pictures of my family and recently added some pretty colors to lighten up the grayness.
I ordered these paper tassels off Etsy for like $10, folded them up and hung them in the corner above my computer, I just love the colors!
I also went online and ordered 4 8 x 10 prints of this mint green print I saw online, I think it only cost like $3 but I love that it gives a little coordinating color around my paperwork. You can also so my picture calendar. I have been doing this for years and love it! I give these out as Christmas gifts too!
I picked up some artificial blue hydrangeas from Walmart and put them in a mason jar I already had at the house for some more color. This is a lamp Mom got me which I just adore. I put my hand lotion, engagement picture and contact solution on a monogrammed plate I had at my desk.
Its fun making little updates and changes to everyday items, who knows what is next!!


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