Friday, August 19, 2016

11 months old, Home Goods finds and what I wore

This week our sweet Nicole turned 11 months old!! Only a month until we celebrate her first birthday!! I am going to be doing the happy dance when we get to start buying milk instead of the super expensive formula...SCORE!!!

I put the cute 11 months old sticker on her dress, but within seconds she ripped it off! She is a rascal for sure!
And getting her to sit still these days is no happening, I have to be quick with the camera! She is pretty close to being able to stand up on her own, I have seen her do it a couple of times!
This weekend I had a chance to take Nicole to Home Goods with me, all I had to spend was $20, I came out with 4 great things! The first was this cute wooden sing in the shower sign! And yes my bathroom really is this bright blue, its almost electric blue! I am hoping one day to paint it a different color, a little less bright :-)
Nothing like buying a Thanksgiving plate when its in the 90's but at $4 a plate I couldn't resit!! I got one for Halloween and fall too, check them out...
I have a plate holder in my kitchen I want to display these on every month. After the 3 plates and sign I had $5 to spare and found the best mug, hurry up October!!
I just love this and its huge!! I think it could hold 2 cups of coffee!
This purple top and matching skirt came from Walmart a few years ago, I love the bow around the waist!
Look closely and you will Nicole sitting by my feet, she is always right there when I am trying to get ready, I get so worried I will step on her! But this black and white sleeveless dress came from Target, I love the flowing skirt, its very flattering on your legs. I paired it with a red cardigan for the office. Who doesn't want to put on a sweater in summer?!
I have loved this yellow dress for a white, I can't remember where it came from but its the first time I paired it with a purple cardigan and love it! Any art major or LSU fan knows yellow and purple look great together :-)
This hallway is not a new project but I wanted to share it after I updated the frames with the girls recent art work from school. I have a small hallway going into our playroom that was blank. I got some letters, wood frames and craft paint at Michael's and created a great space to display the girls art work. They make so much cute stuff I will always treasure. I am BIG on the girls doing art, I think its a great way to express yourself and fun, can you tell  I was an art major in school :-)
And one of my biggest joys came after I posted this Instagram picture of my front porch. The girls and Hubby were taking a nap so I wanted to ready my new Mary Kay Andrews book The Weekenders. I tagger Mrs. Andrews in my post and she WROTE ME BACK!!! She said she hoped I enjoyed the book...I was SO excited!! You never know what can happen!! Have a great weekend XOXO


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  1. That is so cool.... Mrs. Andrews knows you have good taste!