Friday, August 5, 2016

Friends are the best

One of the many things I love about our church is the friendships we have made with so many sweet people. They have been there for us through so much, I could never say thank you enough! A true friend is a gift from God for sure!
One of those sweet friends is Alison and her hubby Drew. We met them in Sunday School and Hubby and Alison worked together at the same school. As soon as I told her about his back surgery she said, I am bringing you some dinner!! She is one of the sweetest, funniest and most Southern gals I know, LOVE HER!
Alison has a son and daughter who are just as sweet as she is!
Jackson and Taylor have been friends since they were babies, here they are sharing some Popsicle!
Addy and Taylor playing with the school buses, isn't she a doll?!
All the kids say CHEESE!!
Feast your eyes on THIS!! Alison is one heck of a great cook, the lasagna and cantaloupe were delish, as well as the leftovers. For as long as I have knows Alison she has been there to support, love and pray with us, good and bad. She is a treasured friend for sure!
We got so many beautiful wedding gifts and a lot of my china I have not even used, I got some beautiful black and white Kate Spade plated and bowls. I saw on Instagram how a decorator displayed hers on a cake stand. I think it came out really lovely!
I picked up some Chicken Salad Chick for lunch today and just thought this outdoor area was so nice! I love the fountain and flower baskets, if I had a longer lunch break I would love to sit outside with my food and a good book!
As I am learning this parent thing there are certain times when you realize how fast your kid is growing up. That happened this morning on the way to day care, flipping through the radio Love Yourself was on, I was going to change it and Taylor says "No Mommy, don't change I like this song!". My eyes about popped out of my head and I turned around and said, "Do you like Justin Bieber?" and she said "YES!!". I was laughing so hard and thinking, she is really growing up!!

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