Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Spa Sydell, Monkey Joe's, & a new light

Back in February my husband gifted me with a gift certificate to Spa Sydell for a 30 minute massage, with football season coming up I knew I needed to go ahead and use it while I had a free weekend. Sometimes it takes us a little longer to find time for ourselves :-)
So I booked my appointment for Sunday and it was wonderful and relaxing!
Lucky for me its only about 20 minutes from our house, not bad at all!
When I arrived I filled out some paperwork while sitting next to this window waterfall, very nice!
I was taken back into this pretty green room where you can get your robe on and freshen up. There are also lockers available to store your valuables.
I love all the clean, white linens available.
My massage was for 30 minutes and felt great, she working on my back, shoulders and neck, after picking up Nicole and Taylor, its just what I needed. After the massage I had some yummy lemon water.
I need a spa day EVERY DAY! I hope everyone gets to take some time to them self :-)
While I was at the spa Daddy packed the girls up for a trip to Monkey Joe's!!
Nicole's first time in a bounce house...not too sure about this!
You can't tell by this picture, but they did enjoy riding in the cars together!
Big sis at the wheel, hold on tight Nicole!!
Nicole loved the huge space to crawl around in
Along with silly string, Daddy also like to pick up balloons from the store, he got this huge pack for the girls and Taylor was in heaven!
While the girls were in bed last night I got to install my newest home project, a new light fixture from Plow & Hearth! Its the same online company I used in front of the fireplace. It's really as simple as screwing in a light bulb! But I did learn this, while climbing a ladder in a small shower, make sure your bottom is facing the other way then the knob you use to turn the water on...I got soaked coming down the ladder!!
Here is the after...
I love the results!! I think its a great change for about $80, a lot but I think we will enjoy it for a long time!
I saw this quote on Instagram and it stayed on my mind for a while. Not sure if its cause of all the things we all carry stress about it, but you wonder sometimes if its even necessary. Just a thought :-)


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