Monday, August 29, 2016

Movie Night with Babe

Another new week is here, I am counting down the days until the long weekend! A much deserved day off for all the hard workers out there!
Our movie this week was Babe! Oink! Oink!
I didn't have an actual Babe toy but we did have a couple of other pigs around the house, I brought in Pricilla and Peppa Pig!
We enjoyed some Muddy Puddles, AKA Hunt's Snack Pack puddings! I love these things and even pack in my lunch at work, don't tell anyone!
Some crunch honey BBQ Piggy Tales, AKA Fritos twists!
Some bacon for BLT's, are you thinking this is just wrong? I will admit it was hard when I saw that cute little baby pig on the movie screen!
Show time!
My first little piglet
My baby piglet
We always love having movie nights, especially when its a cute little piggy!
Once a month I help keep the 3/4 year old class during church hour its always fun and Taylor has a small class, so its not stressful :-) I took both girls myself so I was proud we even made it on time, victory! I love this rainbow dress on Taylor, she is my rainbow baby
Nicole was doing a little Sunday reading before we left
Taking 2 kids anywhere by yourself deserves a treat, its off to Dairy Queen we went for an afternoon ice cream!
Sometimes its hard to beat a good hot fudge Sundae, yummy!!


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  1. Serving cart & piggy pj's coming soon... can't wait to celebrate the girls birthdays ( a little early) in Cleveland aka; Babyland General this weekend!!