Monday, August 8, 2016

I Love Chalk Paint!

Last week one of my favorite bloggers at Dixie Delights updated her master bedroom chest with some chalk paint. I have heard great things about chalk paint for a while from a lot of blogs I follow, but when she said no sanding required, a light bulb went off over my head!
Years ago before Hubby and I got married, I was fortunate enough to inherit some furniture from my Aunt Sarah's sister's house, her name was Dot (and she had a twin sister Evelyn). Since the sisters had no children, my Dad and Uncle were the next of kin. So we had 3 beautiful ranch house at a lake to clean out. The furniture, although dated, was in great condition. I picked up some beds, dishes, and 2 big chests. The chest is a light brown color and I have always wanted to paint it white, but couldn't see my self taking it out into the garage to sand. Enter great product=CHALK PAINT!
 The price of this can made me think twice, with shipping it was about $40 and smaller then I thought, but I can honestly say it was worth the money, its a terrific product! 
Here is the chest before I started painting. I removed all the drawers and took the hinges off of them. Every night I pulled out a drawer so I wouldn't hurt my back doing it all at one time. 
I used a paint brush for the first coat and a roller for the second and LAST coat, can you believe how pretty and white this is on the second coat?!
I worked my way up to the top, I started early Saturday morning and was done by that evening with some big help from Hubby watching the girls.
Of course when Taylor saw what I was doing she wanted to help out!!
Making my way to the top!!
Are you ready for the BIG finish?!?!?!
Can you believe this is the same chest?! 
I am so happy with the results and I did it by myself with no sanding, 2 Walmart paint brushes and some painters tape. Totaling around $50...SCORE!!
If you have any home projects you have been thinking of updating I defiantly recommend using Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint, HAPPY PAINTING!!


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